Friday, May 16, 2014

Fast & Furious Friday: My #BEA14 Playlist

Music has always played an important role in my life, long before books and reading ever did. When I was younger, making a mix tape for someone was my way of communicating my thoughts and feelings when my own words felt inadequate. 

Not a lot has changed over the years, I'm still a huge fan of music and play lists.
I make them for everything. WIPs, cleaning, exercising, baking cupcakes. 

And trips. 

Like this one which is just around the corner...

My #BEA14 Playlist 
(so far)

I love the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, don't you?

I have a tendency to break into a kick line Rockette style whenever I hear this. 
You have been warned. 

Don't expect to sleep during BEA. At all. 

When the doors of the Javitz open at 9a.m. on Thursday morning, THIS becomes the BEA theme song.
 (You newbies think I'm kidding.)

Navigating the crowds, booths, galley drops, panels and autographing area can feel like this.  

How EVERYONE feels about being first in line.

It helps to remember we are all here for the same reason. 

Some people are willing to do anything, anything to get a coveted book. Like tackling. 
Or biting.

Don't feel like running for a Big Red Bag Grab? NBD. It's not like it's filled with money. I've checked.
Just do what Billy would do.
 (Minus the smoke because smoking is bad for you and it's illegal to smoke in the Javitz.)
Recognize a face from Twitter? Don't be afraid to go up and introduce yourself!

 Love of books at least.

This one is for all you party goers. 
And because it's been stuck in brain for days. 

What's on your #BEA14 play list? 
What should I add to mine?



  1. Woot to your playlist! Guns N' Roses's Welcome To The Jungle was my senior prom theme (we thought we were hard core. *snort*) and it certainly works for the Thursday morning theme, too. Newbies, she's certainly not kidding.

  2. I'm thinking a little "We Are the Champions" by Queen for when you fight through and grab that one, magical galley.

  3. So....I will be adding these to a BEA spotify playlist now LOL.

  4. Hahahaha, I have to make a BEA playlist for my bus ride. I'm excited to see you! Are you going to the Harlequin Breakfast again? I don't know if I'm going to know anybody there this year!

  5. You should add ain't it fun by paramore and It's Gonna Be me was one of my fave Nsnyc song Bye Bye Bye was the top :-) and very 90's music

  6. Love this! I may have to download all the ones I don't already have and listen to it non-stop, since my brain is already in vacation/BEA mode. ;)

  7. I would never think of doing something like this! It does put me in the mood for the fun to come at BEA :)