Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snotfest 2011 Science Project...

Samuel, my 6yr old (who is running for the King of Snotfest 2011 award) was too preoccupied with the opportunity to play video games today when it came time to brush his teeth that he just grabbed whatever toothbrush was closest.  It didn't matter whether it was pink, blue or green.  For the record, everything pink in the house belongs to me.  I am the only female.  I am completely outnumbered.

Price, my 11 yr old (who is running for Mr. Knowitall, Einsteinwannabe, Bossypants, President, etc.) was also excited at the prospect of playing video games when he went to brush his teeth and didn't take the time to deduce that 
a) there were only 2 toothbrushes in the holder (there are currently 3 of us here - hubby is traveling) 
b) only one was his
c) the other was mine
d) his brother (King Snotfest, Germo, El-Sicko, Germy McGermyson) had already brushed his teeth
e) something is horribly wrong with this picture & I should double check with Mom but I suffer from middleschoolbrain & am completely focused on video games.
f) all of the above
so he proceeds to brush his teeth with the SAME BRUSH AS HIS SICK BROTHER. 

The kid is focused, just not always on the right thing.

When I pointed out that they shared germs they thought it was cool...until I suggested it wasn't much different than kissing...totally grossed them out. :)

So now we're waiting to see how long (and if) it takes the germs to mutate from one kid to the other AND if those vitamin C powder packets that my 11yr old has been sucking down actually work. 

Should be interesting...


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting Started

Well, here goes...I've been encouraged, prompted & prodded (gently, of course), so here I am.