Sunday, July 13, 2014

Audiobook Review: In The End (In The After #2) by Demetria Lunetta

In the End Author: Demetria Lunetta
Read by: Julia Whelan
Publication: June 24, 2014
By: HarperCollins Audio and Blackstone Audio; Unabridged edition
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She thought it was the end of the world . . . but it was only the beginning of the end.

It's been three months since Amy escaped New Hope. Since she's seen Baby, or Kay, or Rice. And she's been surviving on her own, like she did before she was "rescued" and taken to what she thought was a safe haven. Then, in the midst of foraging for supplies, her former fellow Guardian's voice rings out in her earpiece. And in a desperate tone, Kay utters the four words Amy had hoped she would never hear:

Dr. Reynolds has Baby.

Now it's a race against time, for Baby is in imminent danger, her life threatened by the malevolent doctor who had helped start the end of the world. In order to save Baby, Amy will have to make her way to Fort Black, a former prison–turned–survivor colony. There she will need to find Ken—Kay's brother—for he holds the key to Baby's survival.

But before she can do any of this, she'll have to endure the darkest places—and people—of the prison. And one small slipup could not only cost Baby and Amy their lives, but threaten the survival of the people in the After.

Demitria Lunetta has created an utterly compelling conclusion to the story she set forth in In the After. Readers of the Hunger Games trilogy will not be able to put down this book, which is gripping from beginning to end.

*I received this audiobook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Story Rating: 2.5 Stars
I thoroughly enjoyed book one, In the After, and was eagerly awaiting, In The End, however, this was not the story I was expecting or hoping for. It started out well but then everything slows to a crawl and we're stuck watching Amy's mistakes on repeat, all of which result in injury either to herself or someone around her. The ending felt rushed and I wasn't left feeling like anything was really resolved.

Audio Rating: 3 Stars 
The same narrator for book one also narrates this one and she did a good job giving each of the characters their own voice, but again, it was just okay for me.


  1. I thought In the After was slow and I'm not sure if I want to read the sequel it's even slower. Thanks for the review!


  2. I got 3/4 of the way through this one and quit. Can you just tell me how it ends? Haha. It was terrible.