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Never Again & Once Again (Never #2) by Theresa Paolo

(Never) Again (Again, #1) Author: Theresa Paolo
Publication: October 15, 2013
By: Berkley Penguin Group (USA)
Amazon | Goodreads
3 Stars!

Just when she had finally moved on…
…He moved back.

When college freshman Liz Wagner hears her ex's voice for the first time since he moved clear across the freaking country, she does what any respectable girl would do: Dive into the girls' bathroom.

Zach Roberts—the Zach Roberts—is back. And he’s everywhere Liz looks—infiltrating her friend group, buddy-buddy with her brother. It’s enough to ruin college altogether. But what choice does she have but to put on a happy face and pretend he didn't leave her vulnerable and alone in a pile of emotional wreckage?

Pretending works, until tragedy strikes and the only person available for comfort is the one person she wants to stay away from. When Zach turns out not to be the jerk she convinced herself he was, but the boy she used to love, Liz needs to decide whether to open her heart again to the boy who tore it out.

(Once) Again (Again, #2)Once Again (Never #2) 
Publication: June 17th 2014 
By: InterMix - Berkely Penguin Group USA
Amazon | Goodreads 
3 Stars!

Josh will have to reconcile his past…

In order to make Kat his future.

After surviving a real-life nightmare, Josh Wagner is sent home from his dream college on crutches. Bedridden and tormented by flashbacks, he’s just seen his world shattered and his baseball scholarship go up in smoke. Josh’s family hires a health aide to help take care of him, but when he opens the door, the last person he expects to see is his biggest regret…

Katherine Singleton is the only girl Josh has ever loved. Now, even though she’s only taking care of him because it’s her job, Josh is determined to win her back. But Kat had to move on after their breakup two years ago, and despite her feelings for Josh, a lot has happened since he left…

When Kat’s past comes back to haunt her, Josh decides it’s his turn to take care of her. But protecting her—and redeeming himself—will put Josh in the line of fire again. Will he survive this time?

*I received copies of these eARCs from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

For those who enjoy love, swoon, and more toned down smexy times in their New Adult, these are the books for you! While they are companion novels, both Never Again and Once Again can be read as stand alones without any loss of storyline. 

Never Again is the story of Liz and Zach, high school sweethearts who end up on opposite sides of the country with miles of hurt feeling between them. When they do meet again at college, Liz realizes that old flames die hard but some of them never fully extinguish. Not that it matters since she's moved on with Joe. Zach is the one who doesn't seem to understand why they can't just make nice and be friends.

Try a she might to avoid him, circumstances continue to push Liz and Zach together and when tragedy strikes, he is the only person Liz can turn to. This forces Liz to face her feelings for Zach and her fears that even if he does feel the same, he could end up hurting her again. And she's the only one who can decide if he's worth the risk.

Once Again is the story of Josh, Liz's older brother, and Kat, the girl he never forgot. Told from Josh's POV, we watch both his physical and psychological struggle after having been a victim of a school shooting and losing his dream. He's still charming and full of himself, but he also has his fair share of angsty moments too. Kat was a take no prisoners kind of girl who I enjoyed, my only qualms with this one was how predictable it was. 

Both books are quick and would make great summer reads!


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