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Today, I'm chatting with author Ryan Hunter about her debut, inDIVISBLE but first a little info about the book.

Author: Ryan Hunter
Publication: September 1, 2012
Brynn’s utopia is shattered when she learns her life has been a lie constructed by the very government she’s trusted to make her decisions for her. What’s worse is learning she’s the next target on their kill list.

She knows to survive, she has to remove the one thing that gives her substance, security and transport, the one thing the Alliance relies on to track each Citizen of One United.

Once removed, she must run to save her life – with a boy she barely knows, a boy who holds her future and heart in his hands.

Now Brynn and T are truly on their own … against the power of One United.


Author Interview:

1)Where did the idea for inDivisible come from?
 inDIVISIBLE started as a dream, a dream that left me with a disturbed feeling that I couldn’t shake. I’m not a big reader of dystopian (or hadn’t been before I wrote my novel) but I had this crazy desire to write this story, and I couldn’t put it off. Once I started plotting, I had a trilogy outlined in a single day, and the words just flowed when I began to write. It was beautiful.

I put a lot of myself into this story … ideas, feelings and thoughts like anger at my daughter’s old school for telling me, “Children at E**** Elementary are not allowed to excel” and the horror of the idea that the original draft of Obamacare actually included the option to allow devices to be inserted into us to keep files on us. It all just merged to create this world of One United that amazed me even as the words spilled onto the page.

2) What do you hope readers will take away from Brynn's story? 
I went through a long period of depression prior to writing inDIVISIBLE and when I sat down to start I was scared. I still lacked confidence but I knew I had to write the story of One United. I grew a lot, gained confidence and felt fulfilled again by the end. Then when I sat down to write a short dedication at the beginning, I realized what the biggest message in the book was, and it was for me more than anyone. 
inDIVISIBLE begins with Brynn, a girl whose life is turned upside down, who’s scared and yet determined to see changes in her life. She pursues her dreams despite the fear, and I realized that it’s a message of determination. Sometimes we have to go through hard experiences to become our best and sometimes accomplishments only come about after pushing ourselves further than we ever imagined possible. Life can be hard, but we determine how we handle it.

3) If Brynn had a theme song, (or one that best describes her) what would it be and why?
I’d have to say SweetEscape by Paul Cardell. The song carries so much emotion and feeling, like Brynn experiences throughout inDIVISIBLE. It’s beautiful and yet bittersweet.

4) I read that you're the mother of five children. *bows to you* How do you balance writing and motherhood?
My kids are awesome and fiercely independent. Several of them have an interest in writing too, so they understand the “zone” I get in when writing. They’ll even post notes on my door so I’m not disturbed when I’m really trying to pound out words, saying things like, “Do Not Interrupt – Masterpiece in Progress.”

They also love to cook and bake and often jump in to make dinner and experiment with a new dish so I can finish up a chapter or two. They’re excited to read my stories and it makes them more willing to help when I can’t get to everything around they house. They’re also my best critique group …

5) What's your go to snack when writing?
I love my koko Samoa – roasted, ground cocoa beans simmered into a hot cocoa without any fillers. It’s dark and fabulous and soothing. I could drink it all day long. I also like to keep a little trail mix close by.

6) Do you have certain music you like to listen to while writing?
My music varies quite a bit, but for book two of the One United series, I’m listening to music that’s a bit brooding, full of feeling, like Sweet Escape that I mentioned earlier. I want to carry over the feelings that music evokes …

7) What's the last book you read and loved?
Cinder. I think I enjoyed it so much because it was just a great escape from everything: the pressures I face as an adult in general, an escape from my own writing, from the issues we’re facing as a nation … I was able to just get away for a bit and enjoy Cinder’s world and awakening. I just love books where the main character grows and becomes something more.

8) If you could have dinner with any author or literary character, who would you choose?
I’d love to just visit with any of the popular dystopian authors out there right now, like Ally Condie or Marissa Meyer. I don’t think I’d necessarily want to discuss writing techniques or anything. It would just be nice to sit down and talk with someone who has a similar thought process. :)

Thank you, Jen, for having me on your blog!

About the Author:

Ryan Hunter is the author of inDIVISIBLE, a dystopian that’s being hailed as a modern-day 1984; and Premeditated, a YA suspense. She’s a wife and mother of five. She’s an avid runner, blogger and baker.

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