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The Man Plan by Tracy Anne Warren

The Man Plan (The Graysons, #2)
Series: The Graysons #2
Publication: August 5, 2014
By: Signet
3.75 Stars
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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Last Man on Earth comes a delicious new novel about a young woman’s dreams of finding grand romance and success in the big city—and her schemes to make both come true...

What’s a girl to do when the man she’s loved her entire life thinks of her as a little sister? Worse, her own big sister was the one who broke his heart years earlier. For Ivy Grayson, the chance to get him to see her in a different light comes when she receives an unexpected invitation to move into his luxury New York apartment building. Manhattan also just happens to be the perfect place to pursue her wish to become a successful artist. But how many dreams can one woman expect to come true?

Billionaire financier James Jordon has everything a man could want—except love. When Ivy’s family asks him to keep an eye on their “little girl” in the big city, he agrees. But the innocent girl he knew is now a dynamic woman who knows what she wants, and how to get it. He may have promised himself to keep things platonic, but ignoring the game of love isn’t an option. Especially when Ivy is so eager to play.

*I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

I think at some point in her life every girl has tried to win the love of a guy. I know I have. Luckily for me, once I met my husband I didn't have to try too hard because he won me over with cake. Seriously, he brought me an entire cake for St. Patrick's Day and I knew he was The One. 
Ivy Grayson has known that James Jordan was her The One since she was in diapers and she refuses to let their fifteen year age difference or the fact that he was jilted by her older sister on his wedding day sway her. Ivy is convinced that moving to New York under the guise of pursuing a career in art will also allow her the chance to convince James to fall in love with her and then they can live happily-ever-after!

But---things don't go according to Ivy's plan. James certainly notices Ivy is no longer a little girl, and he's definitely attracted to her, but he isn't so ready or willing to put aside the history he shares with the Grayson family. And then there's the age difference, which, if I'm being honest, felt a little weird at times. But not so weird that I couldn't enjoy the story. Ivy and James both experience growth by books' end and like any good romance, there is a happy ending.

I also enjoyed the writing which to me, read a lot like historical romance. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there were a few times I found myself wondering if a typical twenty year old would have such a flowery vocabulary as Ivy. 

The sneak peek included made me curious for the next one in this series!

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