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False Sight (False Memory #2) by Dan Krokos

False Sight (False Memory, #2)Author: Dan Krokos
Publication: August 13, 2013
By: Disney-Hyperion
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All Miranda wants is a normal life. She's determined to move past the horrible truth of her origin as a clone so she can enjoy time with her boyfriend, Peter, and the rest of her friends at school. But Miranda quickly learns that there's no such thing as normal - not for a girl who was raised to be a weapon. When one of her teammates turns rogue, it begins a war that puts the world in jeopardy. Now Miranda must follow her instincts - not her heart - in order to save everything she's fought so hard to keep. With the image of a terrible future seared into her mind, what will she have to sacrifice to protect the people she loves?

Dan Krokos' sequel to the tour de force False Memory is a mind-blowing thriller with high-octane action that will leave readers begging for the final book in this bold and powerful trilogy.

Thank you Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for this eARC. 

Three things I know about Dan Krokos:

1) He doesn't scare easily. I met him and literally, the first words out of my mouth were, "I have frosting on my hands." Awkward much? Not really, considering I followed that winning opener with, "Don't worry, I didn't lick my fingers."  I think most people would have found a way to avoid the crazy cupcake lady, the one who'd obviously been let out on a day pass without a chaperone, but not Dan. Nope, he waited patiently for me to finish wiping my hand on a zebra print napkin and then he shook it. 

2) He wrote a fanfreakingtastic debut called, False Memory, which I equated to a sci-fi adrenaline rush that had me perched on the edge of my seat! I loved it so much, I wrote a poem.   

3) He knows how to write a sequel LIKE.A.BOSS! False Sight is an emotional roller coaster that offers a heaping dose of action and suspense with a side of crazy. It's as if Dan Krokos says, "Hey, can I borrow your mind for a little while? I promise, I'll give it back." And he will, give it back that is, but not before he kicks you in the feels, steals your ability to think straight and shoves you into a glass case of emotion by the end of the book. It's pretty awesome, but don't take my word for it, read it for yourself. 

What I loved: I still want to be Miranda when I grow up. She is a force to be reckoned with and she, along with Noah, Peter and Rhys are all strong characters who struggle with their own wants and desires but whose selflessness usually wins out, the results of which can be gut-wrenching. (And by "can be", I really mean, stabs you in the heart.) The world building is mind bending and the "challenges" that Miranda and her teammates face had me cowering behind my hands, peaking through my fingers scary movie style. Twists and turns keep the story moving from the first sentence, leading up to a, HOLY ROSES ending that left me rocking back and forth in a corner. This book turned me into a crybaby and I LOVED it!

What left me wanting: Who do I have to clone in order to get book 3 or one of those armored suits?!

Final verdict: Mind blowing, creeptastic sequel! Read it.

Favorite quote: "What is your problem?" She spat. "You touched me." 

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  1. Oooooh! I absolutely can't wait to read False Sight!! False Memory was awesome!! Awesome review aka wording of emotions ;)

    Taherah @ Books As You Know It

  2. 1. The fact that you are a crazy cupcake lady makes me love you.
    2. He handled my awkward meeting an author moment well (I told him he was entertaining).
    3. The most entertaining part of BEA was the girls in front of me trying to take stealthy camera phone pics of him, because they thought he was cute.
    4. I'm listening to The Planet Thieves right now... have you read it?
    5. I need to read False Sight.
    6. Do you remember the weird make out scene? Are there any scenes like that? It made False Memory very memorable.
    and 7. Lists feel great at 1AM.

  3. Steph, This made me laugh! I love you and your 1AM lists! :D

  4. Haha the tweet! I tweeted him too when I read that! I was like WHAT?! I love him so much ahaha <3 And I'm loving this book. Great review, you make me so excited to finish it!

    I just joined YABC today! Still trying to figure the site out... lol Sort of completely lost and wondering why some people have editor claims next to their name! I'd love that haha

  5. Thanks Lili!

    PS - Anyone with "Editor" next to their name "works" for YABC - we get paid in books. :D

  6. o.o And how does one become an editor that is paid in books? Because I'd love that. A lot. especially with college coming up :/ haha

    By the way, I'm doing house keeping for ARCycling. You still owe us a few reviews, though not many but yeah.