Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jennifer Echols Week: Cover Love

Thank you Katelyn at Tales of Books and Bands for hosting
 Jennifer Echols Week.

Today is all about the cover love and Jennifer Echols has some fabulous covers.

First, let me just say how jealous I am of all the eyelash action going on here. I spend a small fortune each year on mascara just to make it seem like I actually have eyelashes. And there was that time I glued my eye shut while trying to use the false kind, so yeah, totally jealous.

 Anyway, here are my two absolute favorite Jennifer Echols YA covers and why....
Forget You
There is no place I love more than the beach, which is where this story takes place, (Sand in the background, yay!) and I love the look on his face--the almost smile. 

Going Too Far 
Her pierced brow and the way his lips brush her forehead.  Aaaand he's a man in uniform. *fans self* 
What's your favorite Jennifer Echols cover?


  1. My favorite of her books is Going Too Far, it's just plain awesome!

    My favorite cover is Such a Rush.

  2. Yes! I love these two for the EXACT same reasons! That little almost-smile on his face on the Forget You cover is perfect, and Officer After's lips on Going Too Far! (Yes, I know he isn't technically Officer After; but I can dream! lol)

  3. I love these two sooo much and for basically the same reasons as you and Jamie! From the half-grin on one cover to the chin/lip placement on the other. And yes, the eyelashes going on there are pretty awesome lol!

  4. YAY! Eyelash action all the way!! :D I love Going Too Far, it was such a great read and a very awesome cover.