Saturday, August 25, 2012

Book Signings & The Pusher Workout

I've designed a new workout called "The Pusher" (after the subtitle of this blog).  This workout is done best with a buddy.  A twitter friend you're meeting in person for the FIRST time is an excellent "buddy" choice. 

My Team Kilt "workout" buddy Malissa (@jaynes_ire)

* Graphic T-shirt, shorts & flip flops. (this foot wear is crucial) 
* Bag of awesome books to be signed by even awesomer authors. (Is "awesomer" a word? If not, just add it to my dictionary of made up words)
* Bag filled with 4 dozen cupcakes.

* Arrive at the agreed upon starting line (aka Metro stop) on time but be sure to leave the directions to your final destination on the front seat of your car.
* Obtain Metro passes but be aware, any and all Metro exits will hate you. However, the forward and backward motion of inserting the Metro fare card is excellent for your arms, especially when holding said bags above.
* Walk 6 city blocks while carrying the bag of books and 4 dozen cupcakes BUT make sure you go in the wrong direction first. <-- It's not nearly as effective if you skip this step.
* Arrive at the *finish line* in all your glory! Trust me, you will be "hot mess" incarnate. (Not exactly the "look" you were going for?  Yeah, well, suck it up cupcake!) 
* Now you're ready for the cool down. Inhale a bottle of water that your new friend has graciously provided as fast as you can while quickly switching out cupcake casualties. (Yes, at least a dozen did not survive their tour of DC.)
*Cross your fingers that you don't smell like a locker room. (See?  Even your fingers get a workout.)
* Lastly, wipe your hands of any remaining frosting just as Dan Krokos walks up and introduces himself.  Don't forget, you never get a second chance to make a first impression so say something eloquent like..."I have frosting on my hands." 

* Burning a ton of calories as you sweat like nobody's business.
* Use muscles you never knew existed in your body. (Getting out of bed will be difficult the next day.)
* Have a FANTASTIC time with two YA authors, Liz Norris and Dan Krokos talking about books, songs and how you may be older than them but you're still not old enough to be their Mom. 
* Watch as Dan fends off the most awkward.dude.ever. He has mad people skillz!
* Meet new friends (like Malissa & Lois*) and see familiar faces like the ever entertaining Rick Lipman. :D
* Hang out with everyone afterward and get to know the author's a little bit. <-- BEST PART! (Never mind that you knock the S&P shakers all over the table TWICE proving you can't be taken anywhere.)

* Did I mention you get free photos of your workout?  Yeah, then the WHOLE WORLD (twitterverse) can see you "shine". ;D

I had a FABULOUS time meeting authors Dan Krokos and Liz Norris last night as well as my #Team Kilt friend Malissa who was my awesome "workout" buddy. ;)  And Lois - if you read this, I enjoyed meeting you too so if you're on twitter let's be friends! 

Me, Author Dan Krokos (False Memory) & Malissa

The rose is a reference to the story.

Malissa, Me & Author Liz Norris (Unraveling)


  1. So awesome! And you still look stunning Jen!!

  2. She always looks stunning. And sometimes frosting fingers is a GOOD thing.

  3. Aww thanks & your checks are in the mail. ;D It really was a good time and I wish more people had shown up for the signing because they're both a lot of fun.