Sunday, October 16, 2011

"You Against Me" ~ Jenny Downham

You Against Me

This book moved a little slow for me but the writing was good and the plot was definitely intriguing. I loved the cover and I thought the title was "Brilliant!" as the English would say. (I also found that the voice in my head took on an "Ee-nglish" ah-cent while reading.)

In "You Against Me", Mikey's sister Karyn has accused Ellie's brother Tom of attacking her and like a good big brother, Mikey wants nothing more than to shaft the bloke who hurt his sister with a spinner!  (OK, if you're like me, you might have to search an "English" online dictionary to double check the words, "shaft" and "spinner" because they mean totally different things to us on this side of the pond.) 

Ellie, is the only witness to the alleged attack and she, wanting to be a good sister, is siding with her brother.  Wouldn't you?  Especially if it meant your brother's life would be ruined, your family torn apart and life as you've known it would be forever changed if you didn't?

Karyn and Mikey Makenzie come from the wrong side of the tracks and she hasn't spoken to anyone outside of her family since she reported the attack to the police and word on the street is that she must be lying.  Tom and Ellie Parker are upper class "good" kids and in the eyes of those around them, there's no way a guy like him could've possibly done something like this. 

When the Parker's decide to throw Tom a party to celebrate his making bail, Mikey works out a plan with his BFF, Jacko (when put together, they become "Michael Jackson")  to "handle" the situation themselves since the justice system isn't moving fast enough for them.  What Mikey doesn't plan on is meeting Tom's younger, beautiful and interesting sister Ellie.  

The story takes an interesting turn when both Ellie and Mikey decide to use each other to gain information about the others sibling in the hopes of helping their sides win their cases.  The result is nothing like they planned and when the truth comes crashing out, their lives will never be the same.

Both Mikey and Ellie will not only have their family loyalty questioned but their integrity as well. Can one decision really define the rest of your life?  How far would you go and what would you be willing to risk to save the ones you loved? 

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