Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"The Dovekeepers" ~ Alice Hoffman

The DovekeepersI rarely make use of the word "epic" because it's been so overused in the past couple of years but that's the word that keeps coming to mind when I think of how to describe this story...epic.  Four women with four incredible stories, all leading to the same place, literally, figuratively and spiritually.

Alice Hoffman is a talented author and while her style may not be my favorite, (this is the third book I've read and we just haven't "clicked") that's okay because I know there are people who will love this book like there's no tomorrow.  There are no marked chapters to separate the characters, just "Parts" and it's extremely detailed which is good for helping to visualize the story in one's mind but can be a challenge if one is expecting to read it quickly. 

As with the other Hoffman books I've read, the ending to "The Dovekeepers" has left me frustrated.  Why did certain characters have turn out the way they did?  Why couldn't others find their "back"?  Without giving too much away, I DID like how all the different "parts" circled back around and tied together in the end. 

This book, like her others, will no doubt be a huge success and I wouldn't be surprised to see this particular story hit the big screen one day.

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