Monday, October 31, 2011

"You Have Seven Messages" ~ Stewart Lewis

You Have Seven Messages

"But how do you really know what's true?  Is there some big book of truth?" "The book is here." She placed her hand where my heart is.

Imagine discovering what you thought was true about your family might be nothing more than a lie?

Fifteen year old Luna is still grieving the death of her super model mother when she stumbles upon her cell phone a year later and finds it's still in working order with seven new messages on it.  The rational thing to do would be to delete them but curiosity wins out and Luna decides to listen to each one in order.  All of the messages will have a lasting effect on Luna, even the mundane ones, but the rest will turn her world upside down and threaten to destroy her once happy family.

Stewart Lewis writes an endearing story about a young girl's journey to piece together the puzzle that has now become her life. What's truth and what's a lie? How can you tell the difference and is it really worth knowing?

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