Saturday, October 29, 2011

"All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky" ~ Joe R. Lansdale

All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky
"The wind could blow down a full-grown man, but it was the dust that was the worst."

This was a pleasantly surprising story of adventure and camaraderie found in the midst of heartbreaking loss during The Great Depression.

Jack Catcher has recently lost both parents, the money's gone, the dog's gone, the food's gone and soon enough the family farm will be gone too thanks in part to the Oklahoma dust storms that have killed anything and everything edible.  (Sounds like a bad country music song, doesn't it?)  There's nothing left for him in the only place he's ever called home except memories and those aren't even worth sticking around for.

All he wants to do now is get out of Oklahoma but he has no idea how to accomplish that.  Enter Jane Lewis and her younger brother Tony.  Jane and Jack used to go to school together, until the Depression hit and Jack had to stay home and help his parents out around the farm.  Jane and Tony are orphans now too with their father having had his unfortunate tractor accident and their mother running off with the Bible salesman, but they've managed to survive the storm somehow.

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