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My review of "Crescendo" (Hush Hush #2) by Becca Fitzpatrick 
*Originally posted on 8/8/2011

Crescendo (Hush, Hush, #2)
*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*  you may not want to read this if you haven't read the book yet.

As far as sequels go, this one was pretty good.  Lots of action, lots of answers but not so much on the romance. In fact it was pretty much the depressing break-up book (think TW New Moon).  Honestly, I wanted to see more Patch & Nora.  I mean, it's great that he's her Guardian angel now but we want him to be human. Human! Ok, you get my point. *calms down* 

We find out that while our resident hot angel boy can feel her emotionally he has "issues" with physical touch so when they're playing tonsil hockey or snuggling he feels nothing, nada, zilch.  How bad is THAT?! (As far as boyfriend/girlfriend relationships go, it kinda helps if you can feel each other when you're holding hands or kissing goodnight.) It's also not fun to be the first one to say those three words and not have them reciprocated which is what happens when Nora tells Patch she loves him and he takes off. *Awkward much?* He gives her the excuse that the archangels are watching them and could quickly banish him to hell is they find out their relationship is more than strictly "guardianship".  WHAT-EVER!

He becomes more aloof and to make matters worse, begins to hang out with Nora's nemesis Marcie.  (Do they NOT teach these guys relationship skills in angel school? *rolls eyes*)  At least Nora doesn't haven't to suffer alone because old childhood friend Scott moves back into own with his Mom. Scott acts like a jerk to Nora at first but he gets better, slowly redeeming himself with Nora and much to Patch's distaste, she wonders if her future might be with Scott.

We get to see the "real" Rixon, Patch's BFF and his choices are not always the best and he may not be who everyone thinks he is.  Marcie is just as catty as ever but it seems she has some inside information that affects both she and Nora and might explain her 'tude. Some "interesting" discoveries are made concerning Nora's mom as well as what really happened with her fathers death.

"Crescendo" certainly lives up to it's name, right up to the last few sentences. *clutches chest*  I just hope that in "Silence" we finally get to see Patch and Nora get a happy ending- one where they get to be together for longer than 5 seconds. *holds breath*

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