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Hi, I'm Jen from Jenuine Cupcakes and I'm here, along with Nora Grey, to tell you why Patch Cipriano from Becca Fitzpatrick's, "Hush Hush" series is totally crush worthy and deserves your vote!  ("Hush Hush", "Crescendo", "Silence" & "Finale" - coming in Oct.)

First, Patch and I want to thank all of Team Patch, Patch's Army and everyone else who helped to get him to this point today. You guys are made of AWESOME! 

Let's recap why you should VOTE FOR PATCH today!

Song that plays as he walks into a room: Back in Black by AC/DC
Hair: Dark 
Eyes: Black as a midnight ocean 
Ethnicity: Angelic 
Physique: Tall, lean, hard, all kinds of wrong but in all the right ways. 
Distinguishing Marks: Wing scars on his back. (A result of mistakes he's since learned from.)
Attire: Came to Earth stripped naked but prefers dark T's and jeans. The tighter the better.
Ride: Motorcycle, Jeep Commander, Feathers (he is an angel after all)
Personality: Possesses a witty sense of humor that's full of snark and he has the ability to turn any situation into an innuendo. (I bet if you looked up "Innuendo" in the dictionary, Patch's picture would be next to it.)
Special Traits/Skills/Abilities: Besides Hotness? Well, there's cooking, helpfulness, fiscal responsibility.
"Tacos?" I echoed.
This seemed to amuse him. "Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese."
"I know what a taco is!” 
"Come here. I'll teach you how to make tacos."  
"I could get you to smile like that, and without sales tax."  (See? Frugal!) 

Swoonability: He's always there when you need him...
“I didn’t break his jaw, but if he lays a hand on you, it will be the first of many things to break,”
“Or, if you decide you want to sleep at my place, on opposite sides of my bedroom with a Do Not Cross line drawn down the middle, I'll do it. I won't like it, but I'll do it.”  

He also has a softer side but let's talk to Nora about that...

Jen: Thanks so much for joining me today Nora!  Anyone whose read Hush Hush knows how you and Patch met, but can you take us back and share your initial impression of him? 
Patch (appears out of nowhere): "Angel". “Keep in mind that people change, but the past doesn't.” 
Nora: "Patch, what are you doing here?"
Patch: *shrugs* "I missed you, Angel."
Jen: *waves* Hi Patch! 
Nora: “I can't imagine why you're so interested."
Patch: *shakes his head* "Interested? We're talking about you. I'm fascinated.” "If you need one more reason, I love you."
Jen: Um, actually, we're talking about you Patch but don't mind me.
Nora: "You admit you're doing this on purpose?" 
Patch: "This?" 
Nora: "This - provoking me."
Patch: “Say 'provoking' again. Your mouth looks provocative when you do.”
Jen: *clear throats* Still sitting here.…
Nora *rolls her eyes but grins*: "I knew the names of all my classmates…except one.  The transfer.  His black eyes sliced into me, and the corners of his mouth tilted up.  His smile wasn't friendly.  It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise. 
Jen: Sounds intense.
Nora *nods*: "Patch wasn't the kind of guy mothers smiled on. He was the kind of guy they changed the house locks for.  He was so wrong it felt right, and that made me feel completely out of control.  The more time I spent with him, the more I knew the feelings weren't going away."
Jen: Hmm, yeah, sooo, how would you describe his appearance?
Vee *gate crashes*: "He's...hard-edged. Sexy." "rough-and-roguish".
Jen: Hey Vee!
Nora: "He had an annoyingly confident walk, the kind you find paired with faded T-shirts and a cowboy hat. Patch wore neither. He was a dark-Levi's-dark-henley-dark-boots kind of guy. I wouldn't have been surprised if under his clothes he bore several scars, souvenirs from street fights and other reckless behavior...Not that I wanted a look under his clothes.”
Jen: I believe you. *giggles*
Patch: “You laugh, but you haven't seen me in a tux. Or maybe you don't like broad-shouldered guys with muscular chests and washboard abs?”
Jen: O_O Maybe the voters need a visual…


Jen: Nora, you and Patch share a lot of moments that make readers want to fan their faces.  Can you share one moment in particular?
Nora: “He trapped my hand against his chest and yanked my sleeve down past my wrist, covering my hand with it. Just as quickly, he did the same thing with the other sleeve. He held my shirt by the cuffs, my hands captured. My mouth opened in protest. 
Reeling me closer, he didn’t stop until I was directly in front of him. Suddenly he lifted me onto the counter. My face was level with his. He fixed me with a dark, inviting smile. And that’s when I realized this moment had been dancing around the edge of my fantasies for several days now. 
"Take off your hat," I said, the words tumbling out before I could stop them.He slid it around, the brim facing backward. 
I scooted to the edge of the counter, my legs dangling one on either side of him. Something inside of me was telling me to stop—but I swept that voice to the far back of my mind. 
He spread his hands on the counter, just outside my hips. Tilting his head to one side, he moved closer. His scent, which was all damp dark earth, overwhelmed me. 
"You should go," I breathed. "You should definitely go." 
"Go here?" His mouth was on my shoulder. "Or here?" It moved up my neck. 
 Patch’s mouth was roaming north, up over my jaw, gently sucking at my skin...
"My legs are falling asleep," I blurted. It wasn’t a total lie. I was experiencing tingling sensations all through my body, legs included. 

"I could solve that." Patch’s hands closed on my hips.”

Jen: Is it hot in here? It feels like it's getting a little warm. *fans faceSeriously, can we open a window or something?  OK, moving on, how does he make you feel?
Nora: "Solid. Safe. Finding him was like finding someone I didn't know I was searching for."  (<-- completely crush worthy feels)
Jen: Nora, with all you and Patch have been through, do you think he's changed much?
Nora: "Well,"
Patch (interrupting): "My history is long, and not much of it is good. I can't erase it, but I'm determined not to make another mistake." 
Nora (tries to speak): "I..." 
Patch (interrupting again): "No, hear me out. The long answer to that question is that everything about me has changed since meeting you. I gave up something I wanted for something I need. And I need you, Angel. More than I think you'll ever know."
Jen: *swoons* OMP! I think that is the sweetest thing I have EVER heard!
Nora: "Patch. I…"
Patch: "I loved you long before you loved me. Its the only thing I have you beat at, and I'll bring it up every chance I get."
Jen: Wow…if that isn't worthy of ALL THE VOTES, I don't know what is. 
Patch: "Vote for me. I mean it. Vote for me." *winks*

By @The_Poupette

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