Sunday, July 8, 2012

#TeamPatch Update

Photo copied from iadorehushhush on tumblr

Hey #TeamPatch and #PatchsArmy!  I wanted to give you a quick update on our favorite fallen angel and throw some ideas out there. But first...


Patch and his innuendos <3 
Photo copied from iadorehushush tumblr

OK, finished drooling, yet? ;P

* If you're having a "Patch" related giveaway BEFORE his first match on Wednesday, July 18 and you'd like me help you spread the word, please e-mail me a link at jenuinecupcakes at yahoo dot com.

* I would love to have a "Keep Calm and VOTE for PATCH" picture to tweet, tumbl and include in the Advocate Post so if anyone knows how to do that and would like to send me a link I will LOVE YOU FOREVER! (Do not judge my seriously lacking technical skillz.)

* Don't forget to grab a "TeamPatch" button!  They make great avi's too.

* I'm sure you've notice the "TeamPatch" quotes I've been tweeting and a HUGE "THANK YOU!" for all of the retweets! I want to create as much support for Patch as we can! 

* To all of the FANTASTIC bi-lingual #TeamPatch supporters, please don't hesitate to post about the tourney and "Vote For Patch" in any and all languages you speak. Love for Patch knows no language boundaries and neither do votes. :D

* On the day of the match, in which Patch goes up against Percy Jackson, it would be great it we can get #TeamPatch #YACrushTourney trending like no body's business on twitter. We just want to make sure we're good sports about it - no Percy bashing, please. 

Lastly, I want to hear what YOU love about Patch! I've set up a google doc that you can fill in and share your thoughts. (The doc will be up until THIS Friday, July 13th.)

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  1. My giveaway goes up on the 11th :) I'll send you a proper link then but here is my blog link