Thursday, July 26, 2012

Round 2 #Team Patch Update

OK Team Patch and Patch's Army, it's time to UNITE once again!

Our favorite Fallen Archangel goes up against the Geektastic vampire, Simon from The Mortal Instruments series on Monday, July 30th.

I'm a big fan of TMI and happen to think Simon is great but #TeamPatch, we have an army!  Tell everyone you know and even those you don't to,


You might make a new friend and then you'll be able to say, "If I hadn't voted for Patch, I wouldn't have met you." ;D
photo credit: likechildreninafairytale tumblr

We can do this!

Monday will be EPIC!
Monday will be FUN!
It's a #TeamPatch WIN no matter what because you all are made of AWESOME!
Just remember, we all love these book crushes but there are real people behind the tweets/posts/tumbls with real feelings. 
Kindness in competitiveness is BOSS!

 Speaking of vampires, I leave you with a message from the one that lives with us. He doesn't want you to be nervous about the tourney just remember....

Keep Calm and READ Hush Hush



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