Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#TeamPatch YACrushTourney Update

By @Megunz21
by @Megunz21

I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Patch! I have some specific people I'd like to thank but if I forget someone, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, it isn't intentional. (It's late and my brain is fried from staring at the twitter all day and my time spent in the twitter jail. Twitter jail - when you are denied access to your updates because you've reached your tweet/RT limit. It's real and it's not fun.)

Here goes...
I'd like to thank the Academy (<-- I've ALWAYS wanted to say that) aka the FANTABULOUS girls at the YA Sisterhood for the opportunity to advocate for Patch.

Thank you to Team Simon and his awesome advocate BenjiHis Simon post was fantastic and his Team Simon supporters were great competitors! (I happen to adore Simon, BTW) You can find Benji's blog here and you can follow him on twitter at @NonReluctant. <-- do this! *bosses you*

Thank you to author Becca Fitzpatrick for giving us Patch and Nora in the first place AND for her very generous donation to Kids Need To Read!  If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so by going to KidsNeedtoRead.org

Thank you to Patch'sOtherGirl Jenn & Rebecca at HushHushFan for all of the RT's, posting on Becca's blog, Becca Fitzpatrick.com  FallenArchangel.com and the Fallen Archangel Facebook page. You two ROCK!
Thank you to the #TeamPatch MEGA FANS who are made of AWESOME, @emeraudelima @Megunz21 @The_Poupette @DrewMeDoyon

Thank you also to @Megunz21 and @The_Poupette for all of our Round 2 #TeamPatch avi's! You can find most of them here.

Thank you to the UH-MAZING Jeri Smith-Ready and her "boys" Logan Keeley and Zachary Moore for all of their tumbls, tweets and RT support. I *hearts* you boys SO HARD! ;D

A HUGE AYE! goes out to my fellow #TeamKilt peeps who voted for Patch, especially @clairehuggy @RebekahMillet @tnmedicgirl  @Jaynes_Ire  who flooded their twitter feeds with "Vote for Patch" love!! 

Other twitter peeps who are made of awesome are @RachelllRaeee @TeresaMaryRose @Reading_Mama There are SO MANY more of you who helped Patch win and I can't possibly list you all but know, WE SAW YOU and we LOVE YOU for it!

Thank you to EVERYONE who tweeted, RT, sent pictures, etc. all in the name of #VOTE4PATCH!! You ALL are INCREDIBLE! 

Thank you to all of the people who tweeted kind words about my Patch posts - it's extremely humbling and means a lot even if I didn't have a chance to "@" you back.

Thank you to ALL of the tumblr fan pages devoted to Patch and the Hush Hush series... your re-blogging was a HUGE help!

Thank you to my FB and local friends who voted for Patch, many of whom had no idea who or what they were doing - I love you and I owe you cupcakes.  

Last but not least, thank you to my family for putting up with...well, the list is too long really, so thank you. I love you. That is all. :D  
On to Round 3

Now, please excuse me while I do this --> *face plants pillow*



  1. Well done Jen! Looked like a good battle! I couldn't decide myself who to vote for, so I voted once each for the guys! I totally know what you mean about faceplanting it though! Hope you sleep GREAT!

    1. Thanks Hannah! It's hard to choose just one when you have all of these great characters. :)

  2. Jen, thank you for everything!! And please sleep in, eat chocolate for breakfast and then take a nap today :-) You deserve it