Thursday, June 13, 2013

Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt

Right of WayAuthor: Lauren Barnholdt
Publication: July 9th
By: Simon Pulse
3 Stars

The road to heartbreak takes a lot of turns.

Here are Peyton and Jace, meeting on vacation. Click! It’s awesome, it’s easy, it’s romantic. This is the real deal.

Unless it isn’t.

Because when you’re in love, you don’t just stop calling one day. And you don’t keep secrets. Or lie. And when your life starts falling apart, you’re supposed to have the other person to lean on.

Here are Peyton and Jace again, broken up but thrown together on a road trip. One of them is lying about the destination. One of them is pretending not to be leaving something behind.

Neither of them is prepared for what’s coming on the road ahead…

Thank you Edelweiss and Simon Pulse for this ARC.  Irony = I read this over my Christmas vacation which happened to be in Sarasota, Florida where this story begins.  I took that as a "sign" that I would LOVE this book, but I didn't.

What I liked: The banter between Peyton and Jace was entertaining most of the time and fans of "Two-way Street" will enjoy the glimpses of Courtney and Jordan.  BJ was my favorite character - he is hilarious and I think he needs his own story if he doesn't already have one.
What left me wanting: The "Before" and "After" POV's without any quotation marks gets confusing and hard to follow. The past three Barndholt books I've read have been written this way and the pattern of a secret that isn't revealed until the very end followed by an abrupt end is incredibly frustratingResolution is left up to the reader's imagination and that may fine for some, but I need answers. 

Final verdict: Fans of Lauren Barnholdt will thoroughly enjoy this companion novel to "Two-way Street", other readers may want to put this one on hold. 



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