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Four Summers by Nyrae Dawn

Four Summers
Author: Nyrae Dawn
Publication: April 27, 2013
By: Createspace
Genre: YA
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Charlotte Gates is tired of being Charlie Rae. She loves the lake she was raised on, their rental cabins, and spending her nights under the stars…but inside she yearns for more.

After his freshman year, Nathaniel Chase’s family spends their first summer at The Village. From the beginning Charlotte intrigues him. She’s the girl who always says what’s on her mind, wins at night games, and each time she looks through her telescope, gets lost in the sky.

Over the course of four summers together, Charlotte and Nathaniel become best friends, share firsts, mend broken hearts, protect each other’s secrets, overcome tragedies…fall in love. And say goodbye…

Charlie wants out of The Village. Nate wants her to have her stars. And they dream of being able to do it all together. But life isn’t as easy as their summers.

Each summer is told in alternating points of view between Charlie and Nate. Journey with the pair, and their friends, as they share their story about growing up, discovering who they are, making tough choices, and falling in love again and again.

Thank you Nyrae Dawn for providing me an e-book copy for review.

So here's what happened...The fantastic Nyrae Dawn e-mailed me a couple of months ago asking if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her latest YA, Four Summers? I said yes, she sent it over, I loaded it onto my Nook and FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT because clearly, I am a horrible, horrible person! *head desk*

I'm pretty sure I forgot because LIFE happened, then end of the school year happened (we homeschool so this is kind of a big deal) and then BEA13 happened. Anywhoo, I was organizing my TBReviewed pile this week and this little gem popped up prompting me to FREAK.OUT. because it had slipped my mind. *ALL THE APOLOGIES TO NYRAE*

I rushed it to the top of my list, for obvious reasons, and then everything else fell by the wayside because I could.not.put.this.down. I was irritated when I had to set it aside and you know, cook dinner for my family. (I mean really, isn't that why I instituted "Survivor Dinners", because Mommy is reading?)  I stayed up until 1:00a.m. trying to finish because I HAD TO KNOW what happened!

What I Loved: Anyone whose read Nyrae's other YA books knows that she *gets* the teenage voice, especially the boys, and Four Summers is no exception. The alternating POV's add insight and depth into the character's thoughts as we watch the love story play out over the course of four summers. *clutches heartstrings* 

There are happy times, sad times and whole lot of toe-curling swoonilicious times but it isn't overly dramatic. It's realistic and mature in the sense that Charlie and Nate grow-up over the years and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them do so! (I'm fairly certain you will too.)

What Left Me Wanting More: I didn't want it to end!

Final Verdict: Fast-paced, sweetly romantic and fabulous! Makes for a great summer read!

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