Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome to Jenuine Cupcakes!

Here, have a cupcake...

How to do the Frederick Book Festival:

* Wake up and discover that both your husband and your 8YO are sick with the 24hr stomach bug of DOOOOOM!  Decide to go anyway because you know, you have six dozen cupcakes to take and you're cruel like that. (I'm kidding! Not about the six dozen cupcakes though.) Actually, your husband tells you to go, have fun and don't worry about them because the 13YO is fully capable of playing nursemaid. (You've taught him how to dial 911.)

* Double check the weather which can play out like a Katy Perry song here in MD. For instance, you dress in a light sweater, flip flops and pack an umbrella because the weather predicted warm temperatures (high 70's) with a slight chance of rain.

* Ride with a fellow blogger, Hannah from The Irish Banana Review, and chit chat the whole way about books, books and more books.  Also, hanging out with fellow book peeps is way more fun than being alone AND you and your GPS are not friends so a navigator is helpful.

* When you find your exit, make sure you pull off the highway and STOP in the middle of the road until you decide for sure which way to go, because that's exactly what you learned in Driver's Ed and it's not dangerous at all. (Don't worry, you totally redeem yourself later in the day with your mad parallel parking skillz.)

* Meet up with another lovely blogger, Liza from Reading with ABC .

Liza, Hannah & me

*Find Valerie Cole and Jodi Meadows at the YA signing table,

Valerie Cole, me (holding knitted Ana & Sam) and Jodi Meadows

Give them cupcakes and play with dolls.

<-- Knitted Ana & Sam from Incarnate/Asunder/IN3. (I picked up Sam and his pants fell down. Jodi assured me that happens all the time. O.O)

 Sam and Ana kissing amidst a dragon attack. It's all about priorities. ;) --->

You will also be lucky enough to see the super seekrit cover and title for IN3 which is...


Hannah, Liza & Me. There was literal *gasping* over the cover for IN3!

* Next up is the YA panel featuring, Jodi Meadows, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Amanda Brice, Miranda Kenneally and Diana Peterfreund where they will discuss trends in YA & NA and you curse the weatherman as you shiver and watch your toes turn blue. 

(You will also field texts from the 13YO regarding the health of the 8YO and your husband which are...not as entertaining as the panel.)

* Then it's time for some pictures, book signings and handing off of more cupcakes. 

<-- Miranda Kenneally & I.

"Racing Savannah" inspired horse fondant cupcake toppers. -->

* Lunch is at McDonald's - you will drive Jodi, Valerie, Liza and Hannah in your car and secretly pray no one dies, because that would be bad. While waiting for your food, you'll wonder if maybe you had the definition of "fast" wrong all these years but the company and lively conversation about mythical creatures is all worth it.

* The afternoon YA panel involves playing a bookish version of The Dating Game. 

Hannah in the hot seat.

* Then it's round one of hang time where you will unknowingly join the secret society of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Tablecloths and wonder where Diana disappeared too?

Get a picture with Jennifer L. Armentrout/J. Lynn

Jennifer L. Armentrount/J. Lynn and me all matchy matchy.

 And watch as she has fun with a tablecloth and Amanda Brice's son. ;)

* When you've had all the cold you can take, or your toes freeze and snap off (which ever comes first), you'll head to a coffee shop just down the street* for round two of hang out time.  Diana magically reappears - yay! but almost gives up when she can't find the rest of you, boo!  

Btw, "just down the street" is code for, "drive all over the town of Frederick looking for a parking space and said coffee shop."

It takes you three tries, but still.
* You parallel park like a boss  --->


and try not to break your neck on the horribly paved sidewalks. ;)

* After fancy coffee, great conversation and new insights, you say goodbye to the super awesome Diana, Jodi and Valerie and head home making sure you stop at Wawa for Gatorade because you know, there are sick people at your house. 

Thank you Jodi, Valerie, Amanda, Jennifer, Diana, Miranda, Liza and Hannah - it was a privilege to meet and hang out with yesterday and I can't wait to do it again! :D



  1. Looks and sounds amazing! Remind me to come out for book festival trekking with you in the future ;) And I'm not just saying that because of the 6 dozen cupcakes or impressive parking skillz.

  2. It was great to meet you, Jen! I had fun braving the elements inside the YA Tent and joining the Sisterhood of the Traveling Tablecloth. :)

    Wish I could have stayed longer to warm up in the coffee shop. THANKS for the delicious cupcakes!!!!

  3. Rhiannon, you are welcome to come anytime! ;)

  4. Amanda, I'm glad you enjoyed the cupcakes and next time I'll remember to get a picture with you! :)

  5. I saw the cupcakes but didn't have any... I was trying to be good as I am not supposed to eat chocolate and everyone had chocolate there OMG lol.. I did good though... It was fun. Loved the kissing Dolls :)

  6. I had soooo much fun with you guys yesterday! Let's do this again real soon! (minus coldness and tablecloths*)

    *Unless Jen wants to be Mary Mother of God again.

  7. Valerie - HAHAHAHA! And YES we definitely need to do this again soon. :D

  8. Seriously, that was so much fun! I had a blast riding with you and hanging out with everyone.

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Tablecloth FTW!

  9. We had an amazing time! Thank you fellow bloggers and authors alike :) Thank goodness you're better at taking pictures than I am (it helps to remember to take them in the first place!)