Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baltimore Book Festival 2012

I headed down into the city yesterday with cupcakes, my YABC T-shirt, my Deity guitar pick necklace and my Team Kilt sticker. (Bookish Fangirl in da house, yo!) I was all set to meet Jennifer L. Armentrout and Jeri Smith-Ready, two of my FAVORITE authors but a little fearful of what might happen because something always happens when I meet authors. *rolls eyes*  Whether it's forgetting my name because I'm nervous or blurting out nonsense about frosting on fingers, I am a shoe-in for an embarrassing moment or two. (or ten)

My Team Kilt buddy, Malissa, whose witnessed the "awkward" that is me meeting authors, decided to brave the beltway (and me again) to come along. She had two of the cutest little people you will ever see with her and together we saw Peter Rabbit (who did not stop to visit - boo!), Llama llama and a big shaggy dog (who DID stop and even took a picture - good doggie!)  We also ate some of the most "interesting" food ever...

Lemme just say that if you have the chance to meet either Jennifer or Jeri, don't pass it up because they are so gracious and really easy to talk to.  We took pictures, they signed our books and we had the pleasure of hanging out with them for a bit before they had to get to work. It was awesome!

Signing book goodies.
Jeri Smith-Ready, Jennifer L. Armentrout & Me (It was a bad hair day for me. Do not judge.)

Team Kilt, look who showed up with TWU. ;D 

Jeri Smith-Ready & ZOGAN! <3

YA panel of AWESOME! 
(L-R) Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jeri -Smith-Ready, Claudia Gable and Lea Nolan

These lovely ladies fielded all kinds of writing questions about plotting vs. outlining, cliff hangers, characters conflicts, story breakthroughs (which can come to you in the oddest of places, like the shower) and how they keep track of it all.  Some use a writer's bible or Scrivener, while others have copy editors who give them style sheets with a detailed listing of all of their character's traits such as age, eye color, etc. Twitter has also proven to be a good resource for authors who may get a character or two mixed up. ;)

Remember how I said something always happens when I'm in the vicinity of authors?  Well, during this panel, a marching band decided to coming marching past the tent, VERY LOUDLY. It was a pretty comical few minutes but all four of these ladies handled it with grace and a great sense of humor. I myself, was trying not to laugh or get up and dance along. 

This was my first book festival of any kind and I have to say, I'm hooked!  I can't wait to go to another one.

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