Thursday, April 19, 2012

What A Boy Wants ~ Nyrae Dawn

What A Boy Wants
Author: Nyrae Dawn
Publication: April 2012
By: Amazon Digital Services
3.75 STARS!

THIS.COVER. *fights urge to ruffle guys hair*

OK, So I have to be honest...the cover is what made me check this book out. *giggles* (I seriously wanted to run my fingers through his hair which is both funny and ironic. Read the book and you'll understand.)

This is a quick read that provides a funny and refreshing take on love and relationships from a guy's POV.  Sebastian is the "Hook-Up Doctor", an anonymous match maker who helps girls get their dream guys. He, himself doesn't "do" love or long term relationships because he's watched his mom crash and burn so many times he's lost count.  He figures keeping things strictly "fun" is the way to go. This theory works great until he falls in love with the last person he ever expected too.

His world is turned upside down and he becomes the sappy, lovesick, stalker guy he used to roll his eyes at.  But the "Hook-Up Doctor" won't go down without a fight.  He prides himself on knowing what girls want but now he'll have to figure out what a boy wants. (and hope he doesn't screw everything up in the process.)

I thoroughly enjoyed Sebastian!  He reminded SO MUCH of the guys I hung out with in High School, with all their "posing" and "game" but who totally had by back (or held my hair) when I needed them.  Sebastian comes off as a jerk in the beginning but as more of his story is revealed you understand why and can't help but love him just a little bit (or a lot). *brings him home and gives him hugs while listening to the Beastie Boys* ;)

I really liked Jaden too and would've liked to have known more about his story too.  Maybe in another book? *hint hint* Nyrae? ;D


  1. LOVED this book!!! Nyrae is writing Jaden's story now. I can't wait for it!

  2. This sounds SO cute! I LOOOOVE the cover and the story sounds great... like a YA Hitch.