Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interview with Sebastian from "What A Boy Wants"

What A Boy Wants

I read a fun book this week called, "What A Boy Wants" by Nyrae Dawn. I really enjoyed that it's told from Sebastian's POV or Bastian as his friends call him. He's "The Hook-Up Doctor" offering anonymous advice to girls on how to get the guy of their dreams while he himself avoids love at all costs. That is, until he slips and falls in love, hard. I thought it would be fun to chat with the guy of the hour and I have to admit, my inner teen came out (just a 'lil bit) when he agreed. ;)

So, today, I'm talking to Sebastian, aka "The Hook-Up Doctor" from Nyrae Dawn's "What A Boy Wants". *giggles*
Don’t worry… I seem to have that effect on girls. *Winks at Jen*   (nearly.faints)

Hey Bastian, I know you're a busy guy and I really appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions.
No prob. Gotta do my part, ya know?

A lot of readers have noticed the cover shot of you. *blushes* It's um, well, you're definitely not riding the ugly train and your hair is so cool but you already know this. *giggles* OK, sorry, I get easily distracted by sparkly things and the cover is definitely sparkly. *more giggling*  *clears throat*
Dude! We keep hearing about the cover. Stoked that’s the picture we chose. But yeah… thanks, and all. I do have nice hair, don’t I? ;)  (Yes. Yes, you do.)

Being The Hook-Up Doctor, I'm sure you've gotten all kinds of questions. What's the most awkward question or advice you've been asked?
Umm… the ones asking for technical advice are always a little creepy. I mean, how do you tell someone how to kiss through email. And if you’re asking that? Yeah… not sure I can help. It’s hard though… when I get girls who put themselves down or whatever, it bothers me. (probably the being raised by a single mom thing). I’m always telling them confident girls are hot. Gotta be proud of who you are, ya know?   (Great advice actually!)

Best advice you've given?
Okay, so I know this is going to sound cocky, but I think all my advice is pretty damn good. I mean, I’ve seen a lot. Seen my mom make a lot of mistakes and yeah… that sucks, so I put a lot of thought into the advice I give. It may not seem like it, but I take it very seriously.  (I totes believe you.)

Any advice you've given that you wish you could take back?
Nah, not really. I don’t really want to give spoilers on the book, but if I would have known what was going down the whole time, I might have done things a little differently. Okay, so no might about it. I would have, but yeah. Lesson learned and all that.

What advice would you give your boy Jaden? *sighs swooney sigh* (See? Distracted again. Sorry.)
Jay is a hard one because he keeps that sh*t inside so much. I mean, you’ve read the book. You know I pretty much put everything out there. He’s not like that. He’s my boy and has been since we used to run around pulling girls hair on the playground instead of kissing them, but whatever he’s dealing with? He holds onto it. I still haven’t figured it out. I just make sure he knows I have his back. He needs me, he knows I’m there. Oh, but if I could give him girl advice, I’d tell him to hurry his a** up and admit how he feels about a certain girl we know…  (*smiles* At seekrits. And thoughts of Jaden.)

One of the things I enjoyed most about you was how well you took care of the people around you. I love the relationship you have with your Mom! What would you say your best character trait is?  What would Aspen say it is?  I'm sure she's not too far away since the two of you are BFF's. *waves to Aspen*
My good looks? My charm? Nah, I’m kidding. I keep hearing people talk about how I take care of people and I don’t see that as something special. It’s just what you do, ya know? You take care of the people who matter. Too many people out there who only care about themselves. That’s lame. And my mom? 
Hell ya I take care of her. What kind of man wouldn’t?  Plus, she’s a pretty kickass mom. She puts up with me. (I literally laughed out loud at the first part! ;D  *swoons*.... girls, the first clue to how a guy will treat you, is how he treats his Mom.)

What's your idea of the perfect date with the perfect girl?
Pre-book or now? Before, I wasn’t really down with the dating thing. Now… at the risk of sounding like a sap, I just like to be with my girl. (Sappy is good.)

OK, just a couple more and then I'll let you go...
Favorite Color?

Best book you've ever read?
Nyrae isn’t going to be happy with this answer, but I don’t read a ton of fiction. I read a lot of music books and stuff like that. We had to read Of Mice and Men in school and that book has stuck with me though.  (You're young, there's still hope for you yet.)

Animal you're most like? (Btw, Ninja's don't count as animals.)
Ha. That was a good one. But I am ninja! Hmmm, I’m going with lion. King of the jungle and all that.  (HAHA! Why, does this NOT surprise me?)

Favorite Beastie Boy song? (Mine's "Hey Ladies")
That’s hard. They all kickass. I’d have to go with Paul Revere.  :D

Cupcakes or Pie?
Pie. Apple with those crumb things on the top.  (Pie?! PIE?! *cries* I wonder if Jaden likes cupcakes... ;P)

Thanks again Bastian! Please tell the girls, Nyrae and Jaden I said, "Hey!" *fights urge to ruffle your hair*
No prob. It was cool. Jay and the girls are picking me up in a minute (still no wheels), so I’ll tell them. 
I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! Click here to read my review of "What A Boy Wants" on YABC. 
You can click the links to find out more about Sebastian or Nyrae Dawn, and be sure to follow her on Twitter too!  



  1. How fun!! I'm set to read WaBW tomorrow. This review has be so excited to get started. Thanks for being spoiler-free.
    Great, fun interview!

  2. I just read the book and loved it. This interview is so Bastian, perfect.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I enjoyed my time with Bastian. :)

  3. Fun interview. This was a cute book.