Thursday, April 5, 2012

 The choosing ceremony is over and I have chosen my faction:

I Am Dauntless
 Overcoming my fears and stepping outside my comfort zone is huge for me.

Here are a few "fun" things I've done to show my Dauntless pride \m/

I dressed up as "Tris" tattoos & all (for Halloween) AND got pink hair.

I've done the "Warrior Dash" which is a 5K obstacle course where you climb up stuff like old military vehicles, crawl through dark tunnels with creepy things (spiders), wade through a freezing cold bog filled with who knows what (snakes), run through woods with creatures (owls) and at the end you're forced to dive under barbed wire,
into a mud pit and then jump over fire all while a crowd of drunk people scream at you. No joke. 

 Sounds fun, right?

It's really quite exciting, especially if you 
a) have exercise induced asthma and have forgotten your inhaler at home
b) you're a girly girl who doesn't enjoy sweating much less getting dirty

Did I mention you PAY to do this race?  Yeah. If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice I have sunglasses on my head. They managed to stay on my head the ENTIRE race so that is a major accomplishment. Well, that and I didn't die which I swore I would at one point - like when the "Life-flight" helicopter hovered above, I looked at my husband and gasped, "You called them already?!" 

I've also planked and danced in public to the embarrassment of my oldest son.  I've made music videos with my youngest son and put them on the Internet much to my embarrassment.

Up next? Jumping out of an airplane... I'm deathly afraid of heights but this is something I've always wanted to do and my "jump" is paid for, I just have to wait for the temps to be warm enough now. *gulps*

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