Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey, thanks for by stopping by this leg of the tour!  *hands you a cupcake*
When the fantabulous, M.G. Buehrlen over at the YABC sent out her idea about showing authors some love, I was all over that. (like sprinkles on a cupcake) When she suggested Myra McEntire as the first one I was SO.VERY.EXCITED! 

Normally, my way of showing appreciation for someone is to bake them cupcakes and I have been known to mail them on occasion but that doesn't always end well, as M.G. and C.J. Redwine discovered. *sad face*

Anyway, Myra McEntire, I *hearts* you!  I think you are DA BOMB, The Sha-zam, The MacDaddy, The DaddyMac, ALL THE THINGS that are *IT*!  I tried to think of a way to make you smile and well, I hope this does the trick...

A poem for Myra. 
(BTW, please don't hate on it. There is a reason I'm not a writer. Also, I really wanted this to be a rap but again, there's a reason my rap career never got off the ground.) 

*clears throat*
Roses are reds, violets are blue,
If you've read Hourglass, you know what Em sees is true
Michael is sparky, Kaleb is snarky and all kinds of yumsauce too 
(or jail bait if you're me)
Let's not forget Dru, Thomas & Lilly, 
'Cuz without them, people might think Em's just plain silly (or crazysauce)
With only one hour to rewrite the past
Emerson Cole will do what she must
but if she screws up and someone gets kilt, her poor little heart will go bust (mine too) 

Chocolate is brown and vanilla is white
If you don't *hearts* Myra then you just ain't right
When I finished Hourglass I loved it so hard
I shot Myra an e-mail, which I'm sure made me sound nothing like The Bard
Imagine my surprise when she e-mailed me back
So kind and thoughtful, almost gave me a heart attack
 She's real busy being a wife, a mom, a friend
Yet she never fails to let us know what Kaleb's up to via tweet or a #trend
'Cuz that's the kind of person she is, funny, caring and such
but here's hoping she knows that others care about her so.very.much!

Myra, I know we haven't met yet, at least not in the flesh
but I hope we get the chance to someday
 So I can thank you best my way...
with cupcakes. 
(instead of this sad attempt at a poem.)

So, there ya go. :D
If you haven't read HOURGLASS yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! 
Click the links below to order HOURGLASS and/or TIMEPIECE  



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  1. Love your mad rhyming skillz!! Thanks for making me laugh without a drop of caffeine in my system this morning!!

  2. I just snorted.... Jen, that's awesome!!!

  3. I got misty-eyed AGAIN. I lurve it.

  4. How did I just start tearing up and snort at the same time? Awesome poem!

  5. The tears do not surprise me. I used to make my 11th grade English teacher cry too. Pretty sure that's why she failed me. ;)

  6. hahahaha that is AWESOME. Especially the part about Kaleb being jailbait ;)

  7. First of all, someone contact Dr. Dre. Or Marshall Mathers. Or heck, that dude that sings the Humpty Dance.


  8. Remember that time there was a first of all but not a second of all? That was awesome.


    There will be a personal meeting. And then? THEN? There will be dance.


  9. Dancing *flails* with Myra!!! *flails* who compared me to Dr. Dre...DOCTOR.DRE YA'LL!! *CRIES* :D