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Ten Reasons You Should Go To BEA

Ten Reasons You Should Go To BEA

1. Because I said so. I'm kidding! But seriously, you should listen to me because I'm smart, I know stuff and I am the one holding all the cupcakes. ;) 
2. The Book People you get to meet FOR REALS! After two years of sharing books, reviews and witty emails, I FINALLY met MG Buehrlen (on the left), Senior Editor of YABC, Author, and all around amazeball person! (I only saw a moment of hesitation on her face when I slow-motion ran across the lobby of our hotel to greet her.)

3. It's in New York City! Where else can you find so many interesting people packed into one place like sardines? (The Javitz Center at 8:59a.m. doesn't count) Or eat a gourmet hamburger dinner at 11:00p.m., stroll into CVS at 4:30 in the morning or stay in a space-agey hotel with a door less bathroom?

<-- MG and I stayed at the Yotel.
 Our "cabin" was the size of a shoebox with a bed that magically transformed into a couch at the touch of a button - way cool!

And this was our door less bathroom. Not cool.  -->

 Fun Bookish Fact: The Yotel reminded me of Beth Revis' "Across the Universe" series and I found out that she actually stayed here and wrote several scenes from "Shades of Earth" (book 3).

It's completely legal for a dude wearing nothing more than a cowboy hat and a speedo to stand on the corner in Times Square and belt out country music. Really. People even line up to have their picture taken with him.

If you've never been to NYC before or don't get there often, I suggest adding an extra day or two to get in some sight-seeing. MG and I did this and were able to see ALL THE THINGS! Okay, so not, "all", but a LOT!  Most of the touristy places like Central Park, the Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial, Magnolia Bakery and even some exciting ones too, like the set of Spiderman 2.

           And because we're Booknerds, we had to smell the books at The Strand!                

4. Authors, Bloggers, and Booknerds, oh my! It was so fun being able to put a face with a twitter avatar. Author Bria Quinlan came down from Boston to spend the day with MG and I on Monday and we all had lunch with Christina from A Reader of Fictions and fellow YABC Editor. From there, we braved 5th Avenue, the Apple Store and meandered through Central Park before topping our day off with a delicious treat from the Plaza. 

BEA began on Wednesday for those with Media passes and it was fun to learn how twitter and Google Plus can enhance the bookish experience. We also had lunch with Christina, Steph from Cuddlebuggery, her friend Andreya and Author Trisha Leigh.

Then the fun really began... (Word of advice: If the Javitz is a giant pinball machine, you will be the silver ball that gets bounced around if you don't know what you are doing.)

Between the booth signings, the autographing area and waiting in line, you meet so many people, it's all kinds of awesome!

This is what controlled chaos looks like.
Or insanity. *shrugs* Tomato Tomahto

 Veronica Roth. I didn't get to meet her which is my one regret.

 Joanne (L) and Karen (R) - Authors J.K. Rock of the CAMP BOYFRIEND series.

 Cora Carmack - Author of LOSING IT and FAKING IT.

Hannah ( ) who came all the way from Australia! She even gave me a koala. I love her.

Katelyn ( who is just as cute and funny in person as she is online.

MG got to meet the elusive Grumpy Cat! I was more than a little jealous. 

5. Galley drops. What is a galley drop?  That's when a publisher puts out a hot ticket item - it can be a book, a big red bag or a sticker. (I'm joking about the sticker.) Here's an example of what happens when a galley drops.

Me: *wandering through the booths and sees a sudden stampede of people*  What's going on?
Me: What's the big red---ouch!
Me: *starts to panic* Is the big red bag filled with money or books?
Blogger 3: *gives me the stink eye* NO, BUT OMG IT'S FREE! GOGOGO!
6. Power Reader Day. Power Readers are those folks who pay to come in on Saturday and while most of them are rational, book-loving people, there are a few that kick the whole BEA experience up a notch or two, or ten. They haven't been there for the past few days so they don't know that you can't wait until the last minute to line up for a signing. I mean, you can, but the chances of you getting a book is slim to not happening. 

A few them also need to be reminded that the floor of the Javitz is not a football field. This was especially true of the guy who felt compelled to demonstrate his ability to take down a would-be opponent when he tackled me as I waited in line at a booth signing. I happened to be standing next to a pile of free books (my bad) and he wanted one. I would have gladly stepped out of his way or even handed him one if he had asked. Thankfully, the woman behind me grabbed ahold of my arm and kept me upright but once I regained my bearings, I looked Mr. Power Reader in the eye and told him he needed to calm.down. He shot me a dirty look, snatched his book up and stalked off.  
7. NYC Transportation. When I say you do a lot of walking at BEA, I really mean, you don't sit down, like ever. To do so, is dangerous because you might not get back up again. If you don't feel like walking or you can't because you have more blisters than you can count, you can always hop on the subway, a bus or take a taxi. 

Warning: Riding in the back of taxi might require the use of a barf bag or a stiff drink once you've reached your destination.

See Mom? I didn't die on the subway. However, a couple of buses tried to take me out in the crosswalk but MG saved me. 

8. Harlequin Teen Breakfast. Should you be fortunate enough to score an invite to this, DO NOT SKIP IT!  We had the chance to chat with Harlequin Teen Authors, Publicists and Editors, all of whom were super nice and eager to hear what we had to say.

 <-- See all those books on the table? We got to keep those in addition to the gift bag full of books! 

Katie McGarry - She is so sweet and gracious in person.-->
I finally got to meet Julie Kagawa! Cupcake Boy aka Ash would be pleased. ;) Btw, don't let her size fool you. She can totally kill you with a stick.

9. Simon Teen Blogger Preview.

 Where they showcased some veteran and debut authors, all of which were fabulous!

<-- Me and the beautiful Suzanne Young who is SO MUCH FUN!

Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian and me. These two ladies are hysterical! -->

 We even got to hang with YABC Editor and The Book Cellarx, Erica! (L) 
"Chicken skewer?" 
(Erica and I went to dinner on Friday and I got carded. It was awesome.)

10a. The Rooftop Party. By invitation only, this was the place to be on Thursday night! It featured breathtaking views of NYC, yummy food and fantastic authors, bloggers and other bookish people! Thank you to our Hostess with the Mostest, Liza Wiemer for inviting us, Reading Teen, Wicked Bookcraft, the uber creative duo of Jeffrey and Jeremy West, NOVL, PaperLanternLit and everyone else (because I know I am forgetting people) who made the night possible! 

Me and the Hostess with the Mostest - Liza Wiemer of WhoRuBlog

MG and I showing off the windblown look.

Veronica Rossi


 I do what I want. -->

We left with a gift bag full of awesome! Thank you Rooftop Party Peeps!

10b. TMI Party. After the Rooftop Party, MG and I hopped in a taxi and raced across town to The Mortal Instruments City of Bones party where we had just enough time to snap some pictures of the movie props, gets a couple of runes and take in the atmosphere. We both agreed that Jill (another awesome YABC Editor) would have LOVED being there!  

Gift Bag Swag
 Thanks Simon Teen for another great time!

11. Yeah, I know I said, "ten", but as you can see from the lightening rod picture, I do what I want. I had a blast last week and when I came home, it looked like BEA had thrown up all over my living room. I can't wait to do it again next year! :)

Rules: These are important.
1 Winner gets all the books.
U.S. Only.
Must be 13 years old to enter.
Winner will be notified via e-mail, twitter and displayed here on the blog. If the winner doesn't respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen. 
Good luck!

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  1. Next year! I told my husband he may have to take off to shuttle the kids to all their practices so I can go ;) LOL...

  2. I went to BEA for Power Reader Day since I live in one of the 5 boroughs of NYC but I definitely want to go as a blogger next year! The Strand is my favorite book store by the way! I am super excited for The 100 that was at BEA since it is going to be a TV Show!

  3. Soooooo totally jealous!! I wanted to go so bad but unfortunately I couldn't :( Will have to try for next year :)

    It looks like you had a blast!! I'm glad you did!

  4. Your pictures are the best! Glad we got to hang out in line a bit :)

  5. I want to go!!!! *cries and throws epic tantrum* How lame that I live in NY state yet have never been to the city.

    Totally fangirling over that Spiderman 2 pic because they shot a car chase scene here for 10 days and I got pics similar to that!

    But back to BEA... it looks like you had such a great time. And yay for the pic with Suzanne Young! <3

  6. Thanks for all of the lovely comments! :D

  7. I've loved reading everyone's BEA recaps. It looks like such a wonderful time. The book I would have been most excited about is Jessica Darling's It List #1 by Megan McCafferty. Seeing it as part of the prize pack makes me happy!!

    Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway for those of us who were unable to attend!

  8. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Jen! I am not missing BEA next year for anything! I'm so glad you had a blast!!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  9. This was THE BEST POST EVER! I loved it! Congrats to the winner. So awesome! Glad you had a great time ane you totall nailed the power reader thing! LOL! You did, however, forget to mention all the *squealing* that happens when the bloggers meet each other for the first time (oh and the jumping up and down stuff!).

  10. Jen, I loved your recap!!! Thank you for your kind words, too. I am so deeply grateful we finally were able to meet in person. You are the BEST! xxx, Liza


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