Monday, December 31, 2012

Remember That Time in 2012 When I...

1. Jumped out of an airplane.

2. Made a "dancing in public"  video and put it on the web.

3. Wrote a few poems.  


5. Attended three weddings and wore the SAME dress to all three because Bria Quinlan double dog dared me.

6. Went to my first book signing/book festival and met a bunch of fabulous authors.



7. Had dinner on a farm with a potato chip eating rooster. (Btw, Napoleon, the chickens DO have large talons.)

8. Bought (and wore) combat boots.

9. Saw my favorite band Switchfoot play live twice and even got meet them!

10. Went to a land where everything is made of Lego's and behaved like a 5 year old.

11. Made out with a llama? OK, not really but our conversation did go a little something like this...
Me: You're cute but if you spit at me, we will not be friends, m'kay? 
Llama: Let me love you. (By which he really meant) "Lady, if you aren't here to feed me, you better step away from my cage, m'kay?"

12. Did NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) but didn't tell anyone and ended up with a WIP? (Work In Progress). *sheepish grin*   PS, don't anybody get excited about this one because I'm almost positive that 97K sucks.

1 comment:

    I can't believe you jumped out of an airplane... I've thought about it.. But I don't know if I could... lol It had to be fun though!
    As soon as I post this comment I'm so gonna watch your dancing video :) heheheheeh
    I'm also very jelly you got to meet Jennifer and Becca!! I would of passed out with happiness! I bet you did have a blast!

    I loved this post! And everything you did! Sounds like you had a great year! (also I really like those combat boots)

    2013 is gonna be an even better year, girl!

    Magen Corrie