Sunday, June 3, 2012

Becca Fitzpatrick & Fallen Archangel DC Fan Event

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Becca Fitzpatrick, one of my favorite authors and the lovely ladies from Fallen Archangel The Official FanSite of The Hush Hush Series, Jenn and Rebecca. If you ever have the chance to meet them, you will not be disappointed! 

Before I headed to the Arlington Public Library with cupcakes in tow, I made sure I had a tee-shirt from the Fallen Archangel store at  I chose this one...

Becca started out by sharing tidbits about the publication process of "Hush Hush" (It took 5 years and 100 rejection letters before the world was introduced to Patch.) what the alternate book covers were and how Drew Doyon became Patch's cover model.

  Finished drooling yet? ;)

Becca also shared some great writing tips: Keep a journal - you can always pull from your own life experiences, outlining, and most importantly, "Just do it!"  As Becca was sharing an example of how she used some of her life experience, "Crescendo", involving a hot dog a guy walked in and sat down in front of me.  Becca continued to talk and when she finished, he turned around and asked, "Is this just for women or something?" I smiled and explained it was an author signing and he said, "Oh, okay.")  After a second, it dawned on me that a) he had NO clue what he'd walked into and b) the story she'd just told probably DID sound strange and could've been taken out of context (hilariously so), leaving one to wonder exactly what she was referring too. *giggles*

There were some cool giveaways such as copies of the "Hush Hush" graphic novel, posters signed by "Patch" himself and I was lucky enough to win a graphic novel Prologue and a signed bookmark! (Not gonna lie...the bookmark was the highlight and I may or may not have slept with it under my pillow.)


Jenn, (PatchsOtherGirl) made these awesome angel wing bracelets!  It's like having Patch with me always...*sighs* ;) 

Becca was gracious enough to sign my copy of "Silence" and the Prologue I'd won.  She also signed cell phone cases, bookmarks, pretty much anything and everything. She rocks! 

I had the privilege to hang out with Becca, Jenn and Rebecca afterward while I waited for my husband to come back from the DC Zoo with the kids and am so grateful for that.  They really are three of the nicest women you'll ever meet! :D

BTW, if you're headed to BEA this week, (I am jealous of you) but make sure you stop by and say "Hi" to Becca and the girls. The cover of "Finale" is being revealed on Wednesday morning *flails* and you'll be able to snag bookmarks and other Hush Hush swag! 

I have two regrets about yesterday:
1) Patch (aka Drew) wasn't there in the flesh although that might have caused a frenzy the likes of which the Arlington Central Public Library may have never recovered from. (or me...) ;)

2) I rode in the elevator and sat next to Miranda Kenneally, author of "Catching Jordan" the whole time and I.didn.'! *face palms*  (See, you can be in the presence of someone really awesome and not even realize it until it's too late to introduce yourself.)

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