Saturday, September 17, 2011

Until There Was You (ARC) ~ Kristan Higgins

Until There Was You
Thanks again to NetGalley! I enjoyed this story which follows Cordelia aka Posey Osterhagen and Liam Declan Murphy (dark hair, green eyes, gorgeous - nuff said), the guy who broke her heart in High School and who comes back into her life 16 yrs later poised to do it again.

Posey is back living in the town that she grew up in and she has almost everything in life she wants, a home, a successful business, a boyfriend but then Liam Murphy comes waltzing back into town and everything changes. He's the guy all the girls wanted and she crushed on (BIG TIME) through most of High School but he's also the one who ruined Prom for her. (way to go Liam!) Try as she might, she can't seem to fight those old feelings (the good, the bad, the lustful) that pop up every time he's around but neither can the other women in town who continue to throw themselves at him just like the old days. (These women are pathetic enough to make the legendary Tom Jones jealous).

One of the things that Posey has learned over the years is to be more comfortable in her own skin. She's tiny (like she has to shop in the kids section for clothes; small) and doesn't view herself as traditionally beautiful like the other women around her, the kind of women she thinks Liam and Dante (her current boyfriend) go for. She also doesn't dress much like a girl either which she gets chided for, a lot. She's got a huge heart though and she sees the good in others even when they can't see it in themselves. (We love this about her.)

Liam was the incredibly hot bad boy turned good in High School and when he comes back into Posey's life, or should I say, Cordelia since he insists on calling her by her proper name, he's not alone. He now has his 15 year old daughter, Nicole to think about and protect from all those guys who are just like him. (The fact that he's a good Dad just adds to his hotness.) His journey through fatherhood is both heartbreaking and laugh out loud funny!

Liam's not interested in a relationship with anyone  but can't help feeling that there's something different about Cordelia. (Or is it Posey? Confused yet?) She's looking for the happy ending.  What they find is themselves in some pretty hilarious situations and they also discover that sometimes the one thing we try the hardest to fight is the one thing we need the most.

While I don't agree with all of the choices these characters make, I do think this story did a nice job of depicting love of all kinds, family, friendship and romantic (a little steamy sometimes (*rapidly fans face*), self-sacrifice, and forgiveness (of ourselves and others).

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