Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Insurgent" Cover Reveal!!!

"Divergent" was my FAVORITE book of 2011!  I've told anyone and everyone about it and it's my number one gift choice when it comes to birthdays.  I'm even considering going as Tris for Halloween if I can come up with a costume idea. Too much?  Nah.
To say I'm "looking forward to" "Insurgent" is an understatement.  So when I heard the cover was being revealed yesterday I was both excited and a little nervous but then, I saw it...
Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
To a true Divergent, this is more than a cover.  It's a work of art.  It's clues!  It's a thing of beauty really and I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover!  
There's the Amity tree!  Did you see the TRAIN?!  Gasp! 
I would kill to have an ARC of this book!  OK, so killing is bad, I know this.  But, I'd be willing to fight for one, Dauntless style of course, considering that's the faction I keep coming up with every time I take the FB quiz.  :D
(Side note: I've given both my boys this quiz just out of curiosity and because I'm a little "off" as a Mom but this is no secret.  Hubby is still sore about coming up Candor.  He swears I'm Candor and he's Dauntless considering he's the one covered in tats.  I tell him, the fact that I married him makes me Dauntless. ) 
If you have yet to read Divergent, then I ask you, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!" Buy it! Read it! You will LOVE it! I promise!

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