Thursday, September 1, 2011

"My Day w/Ash Contest" Ice Prince + Queen of Icing = Cupcake Fey Heaven!

Julie Kagawa, the amazing, incredible, author of "The Iron Knight" is holding a contest for a signed ARC of the final book in the series and the rules are simple, tell what you (me) would do if you could spend one day with either Ash or Puck and keep it G-rated.  (As much fun as Puck is, I'd be afraid of the mess I'd be left to clean up after he left.)  

Considering Ash had my vote at his first icy stare, I have to go with him.  

My one day with Ash = Ice Prince + Queen of Icing = Day made in Cupcake Fey Heaven! :D

Our day would begin with a staring contest.  Why? Well, have you read the books?!  The Ice Prince is beautiful in all his frosty self!  He would be giving me that icy stare of his, making sure I knew he was Prince Ash. (Ha! Like I could forget.)  I would be staring back at him to make sure he was real. (There might be pinching involved too.)

I'm a cupcake fanatic and have been told my buttercream icing is to die for so I'd teach Ash how to make some to go on top of  homemade cupcakes for Meghan.  When he balks at this and tries to tell me how it will ruin his manly reputation, I'll just explain that my husband won my heart by bringing me cake and cupcakes when we were dating.   

After we put on our matching cupcake aprons, (and I sneak pictures then post to Facebook, Twitter and my blog) I'll walk him through the process step by step, maybe even allowing him to use his sword to scrape the bowl, just as long as he promises not to harm me with it for posting the apron pictures.  (Meghan would want to see them for sure!)  He'll complain and say that Puck is the one who'll never let him live down the apron and will probably nickname him "Icing Princess" or "Cupcake Boy".  I'll tell him to quit whining (secretly relishing in being the boss of him) and to focus on making sure he's piping the icing out in pretty little swirls. 

Once all the cupcakes are finished, and if we have time, I'll have him show me some sword tricks and maybe even play a game or two but that could end badly considering we're both pretty competitive.  I would like to test out his mad dancing skills but that might be better left to a duet on JustDance - that way neither Meghan nor hubby would be upset.  


  1. *Wipes tears of laughter* Oh, poor Ash! I hope Puck never sees those pictures. xD

    Awesome post, thanks for entering!

  2. Thanks Julie for taking the time to read it! Made.My.Day! :D

  3. Cupcake boy! I LOVE it! Sounds like a perfect day with Ash. :)

  4. LOL hilarious! Cupcake boy, sooo cute! I did a day with Puck...check it out:

    Gilbert :)

  5. Brilliant. Puck will now be able to call him "his royal icingness". Don't worry, Ash, being able to bake cupcakes only makes you more of a catch. ;)

  6. What a great post. I'm a follower (GFC). How can I not be when asked to support a fellow blogger/baker. I've been told my strawberry buttercream icing and chocolate icings are to die for. Have you seen all of the new Wilton fontdant cupcake products!! Run, don't walk to the store. I hope you'll find a moment to visit/follow my blog. Look forward to following you. Donna

  7. Shared it on My Life's face book page.

  8. This is so awesome!! No wonder you won the ARC I could've never thought of that!

  9. Thanks for the kind words Eileen! :)