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Spirit (Elemental #3) by Brigid Kemmerer

Spirit (Elemental, #3)Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Publication: May 28, 2013
By: Kensington Teen
4 Stars!

With power comes enemies. Lots of them.

Hunter Garrity just wants to be left alone. He’s learned the hard way that his unusual abilities come at a price. And he can’t seem to afford any allies.

He’s up to his neck in hostiles. His grandfather, spoiling for a fight. The Merrick brothers, who think he ratted them out. Calla, the scheming psycho who wants to use him as bait.

Then there’s Kate Sullivan, the new girl at school. She’s not hostile. She’s bold. Funny. Hot. But she’s got an agenda, too.

With supposedly secret powers rippling to the surface everywhere around him, Hunter knows something ugly is about to go down. But finding out what means he’ll have to find someone he can trust…

Thank you Kensington Teen for this eARC. 

What I loved: I was both excited and nervous to read Hunter's story because even though I enjoyed him in the previous books, I was pretty sure he would've let me hit the ground in a trust fall. Brigid Kemmerer never fails to disappoint though, nor is she afraid to kick you in the feels, sometimes managing to make you laugh in the process. (Sometimes. Other times, she makes you cry like a little girl.)  

All of her characters have their own distinct voice and deal with issues that are easily relateable, Hunter is no exception. His struggle to not only to figure out who he is but where he fits in among the other Elementals is equal parts funny and gut-wrenching.  Hunter isn't your average teen but he still has a lot to learn about love, trust and friendship and who better than the Merrick brothers to impart those lessons, whether in word, deed or punch to the face. 

As with her other books, Brigid Kemmerer gives us fast-paced action, suspense, seamless alternate POV's and kissing. She even dangles an almost-but-not-quite-happily-ever-after in front of you like a carrot (or in my case, a cupcake, because a carrot? Seriously?) and just when you think Hunter will get his, WHAM!  However, before the story ends, you realize that Hunter may have found the one thing he didn't even realize he was looking for. 

What left me wanting: The cover model is cute, but I still want to see a picture of Hunter inked up and pierced. I'm pretty sure a cover like that would make me do this ---> O.O

Final verdict: Thank you Brigid Kemmerer for convincing me I could love Hunter as much as those Merrick brothers!

Favorite quote(s):  "I am going to stare at you until you respond. O.O"
"Why do you have earrings in your face?"
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  1. I love this series, and I am so excited to read Spirit! I will admit I was a bit unsure because I am such a fan of the Merrick brothers, I wasn't sure I would be able to appreciate Hunter as much. Thankfully your review convinced me that I will adore Hunter as much as the brothers.

    Awesome review, Jen! People not reading this series really need to. I can't wait to read this!