Saturday, May 19, 2012

Breaking Lauren by Jordan Deen

Breaking Lauren
Author: Jordan Deen
Publication: May 24, 2012
By: Black Rose Writing
5 Stars!

Seventeen-year-old Danny Cummings' life is far from a fairytale, but that's okay since he doesn't believe in happy endings. After spending a year in juvenile hall for maliciously beating his sister's boyfriend, Danny embraces his badass image. Spending most nights drinking, fighting and collecting gambling debts for his Uncle, Danny's life is out of control. His addiction to the bad boy lifestyle won't let him do anything about it, even with his family begging him to go straight. But, when fifteen-year-old Lauren McIntosh stumbles into one of his nightly escapades, the self-proclaimed anti-romantic can't concentrate on anything except Lauren and the fact that she's on the same path his sister was on. Danny knows true love happening for the villain is as common as gamblers paying their debt on time, but he's never backed away from a challenge before and he hates the idea that history will repeat itself.

Growing old with the man she loves—in the small town where she was born—is the only dream Lauren McIntosh has ever had; that is until her family is practically run out of town amidst rumors of arson and adultery. So, when she meets Danny at her new school and hears the rumors about his activities from her new friends, she wants nothing to do with him or the gossip that seems to follow Danny everywhere. After a dangerous and ill-fated attempt at sneaking out, she develops unwelcomed feelings for Danny that he seems to reciprocate. But, Danny’s unrelenting pursuit makes Lauren nervous, especially since he's the only one that wants to know the secrets surrounding her family’s move. Lauren can't tell if Danny's intentions are true or if he has other plans for their newfound and unlikely friendship. The only way to figure out is to let him in and that could destroy everything, including the popularity and social acceptance she desperately seeks.

Breaking Lauren is what you get when danger and innocence collide creating one intense ride! The sheer brokenness of these characters pulled at my heartstrings from the very beginning and kept me reading until I was finished.  Danny and Lauren are each damaged in their own way and at times I wasn't sure either of them could be helped.  When they're forced together through unexpected circumstances they discover that they're more similar than different and they might actually be able to help each other. 

Danny is caught up in a world of darkness that feeds off of his pain and while he doesn't enjoy it per se, he sees no way out. He's tried playing by the rules in the past, even standing up for what's right but that only ended badly.  Still shouldering the guilt, he does whatever necessary to dull the pain, knowing the relief is only temporary.  When he meets Lauren, he wants nothing to do with her initially, but can't seem to fight their connection.  Her innocence unnerves him because he doesn't feel worthy of her yet she seems to be the one person who understands him. The more time he spends with her, the stronger his need to protect her is.  His feelings for Lauren have the potential to save him or send him over the edge. 

Lauren has always lived in the shadow of her siblings, but when a series of events forces her family to relocate to California, she gets a chance to reinvent herself.  She dreams of a picture perfect life, the kind her mother tries to foster at home but like anything kept under a plane of glass, it can shatter if not handled with care.  She's consumed with becoming a cheerleader liker her sister and mother were, and longs to be part of the popular crowd. Josh Miller, the reining "it boy" is the guy all girls are crushing on and Lauren is no exception. When he turns his attention to her she can hardly believe her luck.  Josh and Danny are at opposite ends of the social spectrum and she's convinced that by going out with Josh, she'll have the life she wants. 

Lauren discovers soon enough that no one is who they seem and everyone has secrets. Despite the feelings she has for Danny, she continues to focus on her warped sense of reality which made me not like her very much sometimes.  She gets so caught up in appearances that she fails to see what's right in front of her.  Like magnets drawn together by unseen forces, Danny and Lauren continue to find themselves in each other's company. He makes her feel things she's never felt before and "gets" her in ways that Josh doesn't.  How long can she fight her feelings for Danny before she loses everything she's trying so desperately to hold onto?

This book is an intense roller coaster of emotions and left me wanting the next book NOW! Please and Thank you. :D



  1. Such an awesome review! I love it!

  2. I definitely added this! It kind of reminds me of Perfect Chemistry (my ALL TIME favorite book!) in the essence of good girl-bad boy & the making up their own reality. Sounds like MY type of read, great review Jen!

    1. Thanks sweets! Yes, if you like PC then I think you'll def enjoy BL!

  3. Great review! Looks really interesting!