Monday, March 26, 2012

Vee, Rollins & Zane "SLIDE" into "The Hunger Games"

 It's always fun when I can combine several things that I love into one thing. Call it what you want, killing two birds with one stone, multitasking, casseroling, what-evs, I call it FUN!  
I got to have some fun this past week with friends, cardboard, movies and books I love. 

Thursday marked the opening night of "THE HUNGER GAMES" movie and like any crazed fan of the book series, I wanted to see it at midnight.  My friend April and her teenage daughter Morgan came with.  (That's April on the left and me on the right rockin' the Mockingjay T my other friend Erinn gave me.)  
 (BTW, I was really hoping for a cardboard cutout of the "boy with the bread" but alas, all our theater had were these banner things which meant April and I had to stand on a bench to get close enough for a picture. Morgan was mortified and convinced we would get kicked out before the movie even started. *rolls eyes*  This was their first outing with me. I do stupid stuff all the time and have yet to kicked out. Yet.)

In honor of "SLIDE DAY" which is this tomorrow, Tuesday, March 27, 2012, the day that Jill Hathaway's debut "SLIDE" releases, I figured I'd bring along a few extra teenagers of my own. I wasn't sure if Vee, Rollins or Zane had read THG yet but I thought they might wanna have their picture taken with Katniss and Peeta too. ;)

I also thought handing out signed "SLIDE" bookmarks would be a smart idea too. 

If you've already read "SLIDE" and picked your "team", be sure to head over to and grab a TEAM ROLLINS or TEAM ZANE sticker.  

Finally, who says cardboard boxes are just for kids to play with? There are worse ways to entertain oneself than putting a Lego pinata on your head and rockin' the robot ya know. ;)