Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cosmic Storm (Galahad Series #5) ~ Dom Testa

Cosmic Storm (Galahad, #5)
Author: Dom Testa
Publication: September 27, 2011 (Read March 2012)
By: Tor Teen
3 Stars


A little too Sci-Fi for me. While this is book 5 in a series, you don't have to read the first four in order to know what's going on because author, Dom Testa gives enough background story to catch the reader up.  (Btw, I couldn't help feeling like a few people were missing aboard this mission.  I mean, where the frex was Amy? or Elder?!  No offense but if I'm gonna take a trip across the frexing universe I need a dose of Elder in there.  Bon is supposedly the ships "hottie" but he's too broody for me. *sighs*)

When their Council Leader Triana disappears, the crew is faced with choosing a new one to take her place.  Gap seems to be the obvious choice, being next in line and all but when an unlikely candidate is offered up, the balance of power begins to tilt.  Add to that the unexplained flashes of light, the growing hostility among the crew members, (it's like a regular "Fight Club" aboard ship) the engineers unable to stop the breeches in the radiation shields and the Galahad is in near chaos. Triana's absence has an affect on each of the Council Leaders but seems to make Bon even moodier (if that's even possible) which only raises his "hot guy" status among the ship's female passengers.

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*This is a clean book with no language or sexy parts to worry about.

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