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You Might Be A Bully If...

You might be a bully if:
You make fun of the new girl because she shares the same name as the girl who moved during the summer but she isn't as pretty.

You might be a bully if:
You give the girl with the glasses and braces nicknames like four eyes, metal mouth, train tracks and tell her she's an ugly duckling but maybe one day she'll turn into a swan.  The thing is?  She'll only remember the "ugly" part and that you said these things in front of your clique and the boy she had a crush on...while they all laughed.

You might be a bully if:
You follow that girl home and throw handfuls of gravel at she and her friend.  The frosting on the cupcake?  You don't even live in the same neighborhood.
You might be a bully if:
You mock her every time he turns to chat with her and she flushes pink.  She can't help her reaction or the fact that he's the one boy all the girls like, including you.  

You might be a bully if:
When she finally works up the nerve to tell him how she feels (in a note) you manage to intercept it and read it. OUT.LOUD. in front of your friends who stand laughing.  And him who stands silent and red faced.  

You might be a bully if:
You invite the whole class to your party (because your Mom says it's the nice thing to do) but you make a point of telling her she's not wanted there. Again, in front of your group and him.  Do you know that she racks her brain wondering what she ever did to make you hate her so much?

You might be a bully if:
You move on to a new set of hallways but still set your aim on her.  There are different groups, different friends, a new himYou're used to getting what you want... It comes so easily for you. Not anymore.  You don't make the "group".  She does.  These new friends say there's room enough for the both of you but you can't handle not being the center of attention.  She prays things will get better.  That you'll be nicer.  

You might be a bully if:
You resort to lies and threats of violence against her because the new him that you both show interest in doesn't want you, he wants her.  Not you? Is he serious?! It's YOU for crying out loud!  Does.he.even.know.what he's giving up?!  She doesn't bend as easily anymore but she's still breakable. You use this to your advantage.  Once the rumors start she knows she's fighting a losing battle...

You might be a bully if: 
When she goes through one of the darkest periods of her young life and comes back to school with scars not visible from the outside, you help welcome her back by whispering her new nicknames, "crazy"..."psycho".  You have no idea what she's going through. The effort it takes some days just to get out of bed and yet, you.don't.stop.  

You might be a bully if:
In your final year together she, who is harderbraverdstronger finally asks you, "Why?" "Was there a reason?"... You look at her blankly for a moment, then say, "I don't know. I guess because I felt like it." 

You might be a bully if:
Even now, after all these years, after she's long forgiven you, just the mention of your name reminds her of sadness and pain but no longer hers. It reminds her of yours.  She wishes you nothing but the best, has even accepted you a "friend".  She hopes more than anything that you've changed.  That you've found peace and joy in the One who created you to be more than what you used to be.

A big shout out to K.M. Parr & K.C. Neal for hosting this blog hop & for everyone participating!

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