Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mailing the Cupcake ARC - Advanced Reviewer Cupcake

I had to go to the Post Office today to mail some cupcakes ARC's. (Advanced Reviewer Cupcakes - this is a play on the book ARC) I was already nervous about this process because I feel like my cupcakes are in a way, a reflection of me and I want them to taste good ALL THE TIME.  As I left, my husband said, "Don't let the glove lady make you cry!"  Gee, thanks, I think.  

Who is this masked hand creature who reduces grown women to tears?  Well, she's our local USPS NIGHTMARE!  She's the expert of all things postal and as of today, all things cupcake.  (I do not *hearts* her)  In fact, I will let people butt in front of me just to avoid having to deal with her but since I was the only one in line today I had no choice.  

My exchange with her went like this...

USPS lady: (looking at me as if I am the dumbest person on earth) You're shipping cupcakes?
Me (smiling): Yep!
Her: (Disgusted noise) Well, we're rough w/our packages. Idk what kind of package you put them in but they're gonna end up smooshed.
Me: (Still smiling) Well, they're frozen & I secured them in a cupcake holder w/special sticks to keep them as still as possible and I stuffed...
Her: (Interrupting me) You mean, they're frosted? (meaning, "Could you BE any more stupid?!)
Me: (Still smiling but struggling) Yes. They're frosted. They're frozen & I'm sending them overnight so they should be OK.
Her: (Shakes her head at my obvious lack of intelligence) Idk what condition they'll arrive in b/c like I said, we're very rough w/our packages.
Me: (Gives a shaky laugh) Let's just think of this as an experiment OK?
Her: Yeah, whatever. (Then to prove her point, she takes the box and THROWS IT OVER THE LEDGE INTO THE MAIL BIN. THROWS.IT!
Me: Makes this face ---> 0_0  while contemplating opening the other box of cupcakes & smashing one in her face.

What did I do? I bit my tongue (literally) and told her to "Have a nice day!" and walked out before the Snarkiliciousness kicked in (when that happens, it never ends well).



  1. WOW, oh my gosh!! CANNOT believe that! praying your cupcakes arrive just as perky as you packaged them and glad you left without saying anything snarky, my goodness.
    now i understand why you'd be willing to let someone cut ahead when dealing with that clerk :) thanks for sharing, Jen, I literally covered my mouth in shock at the end of that...i thought people in miami were rude

  2. You are a better woman than me, Jen. I would've had a RESPONSE to the throwing of my package. And it wouldn't have been your kindness. Even if the cupcakes are slightly smashed, they will be delicious. But I'm hoping they arrive in one piece. And you get picture proof that you can make into a poster and autograph before handing it over to her as an early Christmas present.

  3. Hahahaha! THAT would be AWESOME! ;D