Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Homeschool Rewind

For those who aren't too familiar with homeschool life or whose only point of reference are the ones that have their own show on TLC and a few more kids than I do (quite a few more) well, here's a peak at what our homeschool life is like.

Before I begin, I should warn you - what you see may not always be pretty, neat, tidy, orderly or even look like learning at all, but I assure you, we're constantly learning (even if it's how to make a fool of oneself).  Oh yeah, there will be dancing too, so prepare yourself.

Why do we homeschool?  The easiest answer is because we feel led to at this stage of our lives.  It's a good fit for our family and creates endless learning opportunities for the boys but it's not for everyone and I'm cool with that.

One of the BEST things about homeschooling?  The field trips!  I am all about the field trips!  We get to take a lot of them when everyone else is IN school which is even better.

The Lego Store is a FAVORITE of ours!

They offer some really cool, age appropriate classes and the kids come home with free Legos. You heard me Moms...FREE LEGOS!


 It's also a great place to practice planking

The Science Center is another fun place.

Where else can you touch a tornado?

Or lie on a bed of nails?

We took a trip to D.C. & V.A. recently which was an adventure that would require it's own post but here are a couple highlights.  I grew up only 20 minutes outside D.C. and visiting my old stomping grounds with the hubs and kids was a treat. If you're planning to visit the area, riding the Metro is the way to go! 

The boys were able to make actual cotton in a cotton gin at the Museum of American History.

We said "Hello" to Honest Abe.


We got super close to The Washington Monument aka Big Giant Pencil to the 7yr old & the obelisk to the 12 yr old whose read "The Red Pyramid"

The topiary gardens was a new stop for us this year & really cool although the one area looked slightly "Shining-ish". 


Gives new meaning to having your head bitten off. :D

Sometimes our field trips take us a little further from home and require different modes of transportation like...


Zip lines

Or the very rare "Upside Down Unicorn" (don't ask...)

We're also part of a co-op that meets weekly for activities (roller skating, hay rides, etc.), service projects (we cleaned & readied a widow's yard for fall, made blankets for the homeless & cards for soldiers) and parties.  I was the party planner this semester, in part because that's my comfort zone (sort of), everyone seems to enjoy my cupcakes and because I'm the Mom who doesn't seem to have an issue with making a fool of myself whether it be dancing, or planking.


Planking on top of old school arcade games, directly under a security camera.

We went to the local pumpkin patch/apple orchard via hayride.

Our co-op Halloween/Harvest party had the kids (& Mom's) dressing up as they're favorite literary character & taking the time to share why they chose that person.  I went as Tris from "Divergent" (neck tats & all!). My oldest was Percy Jackson & my youngest, well, he's Dauntless to the core & wanted to be a pirate. 

So see, we're always learning whether it's a day at home, (under a table),

socializing with friends at a co-op outing

or making gingerbread houses with our other homeschool BFF's.
Finally, I said there would be dancing.  
This "project" incorporates, artistic expression, creative & technical arts, music, dance, PE and character traits like selflessness and humility or is it humiliation?  Either way, this is how you show your kids you love them - by agreeing to make a dance video and then posting so other people can see it.  Enjoy!


  1. I am in awe of your SKILLZ. As a mother, a planker, and a dancer. My favorite part was when he had two heads. Oh, and when he kissed himself. LOL

  2. I was homeschooled from kindergarten all through high school and I loved every minute of it! I agree, field trips were one of the best parts. It looks like you guys have gone on some pretty awesome trips!

  3. Thanks Amanda! I'm glad to hear homeschooling was a great experience for you! :)