Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ikea + Mom = Butt Tattoos?

As we were leaving the parking lot of Ikea today, a woman sporting a tattoo sleeve & her little boys crossed in front of us & I said to my boys, "Hey that kids mom has a sleeve. What if YOUR Mom had one?" Silence. Then my 11, (going on 18yr old) said, "Um, that would be gross." 

Me: "Why? 

The 6yr old offered:  "You're not the kind of girl who has tattoos." (I LOVE that he still calls me a "girl"!)

Me: "Really?! And what  kind is that?" 

6yr old: "Idk...other girls."

11yr old: "He means like other women. Who wear different clothes."  (I think he meant "Other women who are cool and can actually pull off a visible tattoo, unlike you, Mom" but just didn't know how to verbalize it correctly.)

6yr old: "Like girls with blonde and brown hair and stuff."

Me: "I have blonde and brown hair."

6yr old: "No, like at the same time."

Me: "Well, some of your friend's Mom's have tattoos. Did you realize that?"

11yr old: "Yeah but that's fine because they're not OUR Mom and YOU are."

6yr old: "Yeah!"

Me: "Oh, I it's OK for other people's Mom's to have tattoos, just not yours."

11yr old: "Exactly.  If you got one it would just be awkward."

Me: "Why? What if I got one where you can't see it? What if I told you I already had one but you just can't see it?"

6yr old: "Like on your butt?!"

11yr old: (Insert exasperated, I really want to be done with this conversation, sigh) "She doesn't have one on her butt.  If you get a tattoo on your butt it means you have to show your butt to whoever is doing the tattoo and Mommy is not the kind of person who goes around showing her butt to people."

Me: "This is true...on all accounts"

6yr old: (proudly) "Well, I've seen your butt 'cuz I sneak in sometimes when you're changing." 
This info does not surprise me in the least...

11yr old: "Well, then you KNOW she doesn't have one then! (pause) Right?" (double checking I guess.)

Me: (grinning my slyest grin just because I know how badly we wants this conversation to be over) "Maybe" ;D

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