Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mindless Behavior + Old GLeeks = Plenty Entertaining

I went to see the Glee movie in 3D last night with 2 friends from high school and while the movie itself was fun, I'm finding that what happens around the actual "outing" is more entertaining the older one gets.

One of the nice things about riding in cars alone is getting to listen to whatever I want too, however LOUD I WANT TOO! (I'm sorry, was that too loud?)  The draw back to riding alone is that I am also the one responsible for the directions which can be a challenge when A) the GPS takes me the wrong way and B) the music is SO LOUD that I'm momentarily distracted (LL Cool J does have a way with words) and I end up in an area that I don't readily recognize.

After we loaded up and said goodbye to the cutest little redhead (my friend's son) we were on our way to the theatre.  It took us awhile to find a parking space because there were easily a million people waiting in line for something outside.  As we circled the parking lot and tried to remain calm we chatted about our favorite GLee characters...

Friend A: "My favorite is Finn. I know he's tall and awkward but I like tall and awkward. I married tall and awkward."

Friend B: "My Favorite is Puck.'

Friend A: "Mmm, I'd like to do things to Puck but Finn is still my favorite."

Friend A & C: "Hahaha! How can you argue with that?"

We parked and started to walk into the theatre which is attached to the mall, again passing a huge line of people, consisting of preteen girls.  I wondered aloud who they could be lining up for and my friend glanced over and said, "I don't know but probably not anyone we'd be interested in." As we opened the doors, the noise was nothing short of a dull roar.  We just looked at each other and proceeded to make motions with our hands because it was almost impossible to hear each other.

One of my friends walked over to a Mom in line to ask who they were waiting to see and almost had her head bitten off until the woman realized we weren't trying to cut the line.  We thought she said, "Maya" but instead she said, "Mindless Behavior" which I instantly knew to be a boy group (think New Edition for anyone over the age of 35) because I'm so cool and in "the know".  (snort!)  There was an FYE store across from the movies and the front gate was pulled halfway down with security guards lining the entire front of the store.  Put that with the screaming preteen girls who began singing at that point and it all added up.

We headed into the lobby of the theatre and were amazed at the quietness of it compared to the mall.  As I was walking up to pay for my popcorn, one of my friends was explaining to the cashier who all the people were in line to see.  I was already a little surprised that the cashier was even talking to us because in my experience, most teenagers (not all) just give you that glazed over look, take your money and grunt at you.  This young guy was quite entertaining.

Cashier: "Who are they lined up for?"

Friend: (turning to me) " What's the group called again? Mind-"

Me: "Mindless Behavior"

Cashier: "Oh! Mindless Behavior! Oh yeah!" (I half expected him to burst into song & dance but he didn't)

Me: "Yeah, they were on So Random! a couple weeks ago."

Friend: "Yeah" (She like me, is in the know & therefore cool.)

Cashier: "So what? random? what's that?"

Me: "It's a show on T.V." (Please don't make me say what channel...)

Cashier: "I've never heard of it."

Me: "It's a kids show." (You're gonna make me say it aren't you?)  "It's pretty funny actually and at the end they have a musical group. Mindless Behavior was one a couple weeks ago."

Cashier: "Oh. I know them but I don't know of "Sooo Raaandum". (not sure why he dragged out the pronunciation) what channel does it come on?"

Me: (Hesitating & handing him my money) "Disney Channel"

Cashier: (Giving me a funny look) "Umm."

Me: "I have kids. This is what happens when you get old and have kids. You get stuck watching stuff like Disney Channel with shows like "So Random", which is pretty funny and you should totally check out (I'm rambling at this point) and you get to know groups like Mindless Behavior.  And by the way, they were singing "my girl this, my girl that" and they're voices are too high.  If they're voices are too high they are too young to have girlfriends."

Cashier: (Grinning like I've lost my mind) "O-kay. Here's your change.  Have a nice night."

Me: (Flashing my biggest, "Yeah I know you think I'm crazy" smile) "K, thanks!"

The movie was fun and we sang and danced in our seats.  My one friend was teasing that we looked like the Blues Brothers with our 3D glasses on when I was attempting to take a picture of us.  I told her she should be glad I wasn't trying to plank off of something and there was plenty to plank off the big sphinx in the lobby.  :)

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